Sarah's Weekly Update 11-21-14

posted Nov 21, 2014, 12:02 PM by Cynthia Friedman
In math, much of the class has started working with decimal place values and fractions. Many students are reviewing how to give fractions common denominators so they can be added or subtracted. We also have students exploring the relationship between place values and powers of 10. Some students continue to work with squaring, which is giving them an opportunity to use order of operations. 

Writing projects are progressing well. Students are starting to put their research together. This week students are writing a how-to poem related to their topics. They are also designing book covers of books that might be written by an important person related to their research. 

This week in culture, students are continuing with the 3 islands simulation. Characters are continuing to try and make money after a hard week last week. They are still grinding flour, sewing clothes or building ships. We also have a group that has taken up farming. NEMSC, the company sponsoring characters’ moving to the island, hasn’t been able to offer as much money for work as they had in the past. They are experiencing financial difficulties. 

Stone Soup
Next Wednesday the school is having its annual stone soup celebration. This year students will be eating stone soup, as usual, and also watching a hoop dance and juggling performance. The performance will take place in the gym, and attendees are being asked to contribute $2. 

We will be eating stone soup in classrooms this year. Please help us cut down on waste by sending your student to school with a bowl and spoon on Wednesday. If your student isn’t a fan of soup, please make sure they remember their regular lunch. 

We will be serving vegetable soup during our Stone Soup celebration made with organic vegetable broth. (ingredients of the broth include: water, carrots, onion, celery, tomatoes, leeks, sea salt, mushrooms, garlic, savory leaf, bay leaf). If your child has an allergy to any vegetables that may include broth ingredients, please send your child to school that day with their own soup. While attempts were made in previous years to accommodate student allergies, the numbers of allergies has increased to the point that we can no longer accommodate every student. Thank you for your understanding. 

Parents are welcome to eat soup with the class that day. However, chair space in the classroom is at a premium, so parents may end up eating on their feet. 

In preparation for Stone Soup, on Tuesday students are asked to contribute a few vegetables. During the afternoon we’ll have a chance to cut those vegetables to prepare them for the soup. This has been a part of our celebration that students always get excited about, so don’t forget to send your child to school with something to chop on Tuesday! 

Sarah, Adriene, and Room 7