Sarah's Weekly Update 10-25-13

posted Oct 28, 2013, 10:58 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week we are instituting a Friday study hall for students who need to catch up on work. Students will be participating if they have turned in less than 70% of assigned work for the week. Those who are fairly caught up on work will have some free time on the playground during that time period. 
In math we have one group working towards developing an understanding place value. Another group is reviewing core addition and subtraction skills, while a third group is exploring factors and multiples. The majority of the class continues to develop the language of math by turning words into math problems. 

In writing this week, we’re brainstorming some topic sentences and coming up with supporting details. The goal is for all of the details to tie together to create a cohesive unit. 

Book groups looked at characters in their novels and were asked to draw a picture of the character of their choice. For follow up, students described their chosen character in three sentences, using quotes from the book to back them up. 

This year we will be conducting student led conferences on Friday, November 1 and Monday November 4. They are expected to take about 20 minutes and are a chance for the student, parents, and teacher all to sit down and talk about how things are going, and about what progress we’d like to see during the rest of the year. Signup sheets are currently posted in the main lobby of the school. Please stop in and claim a time slot this week. Thanks! 

Biking Volunteers Needed:
Want to have some fun biking with our class? We could use you this Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 28 & 29) from 12 to 1pm. We need about 2 volunteers for each ride – It’s a great way to work off some of your volunteer hours, and help the kids learn how to bike safely through our neighborhoods! If you are interested, email Salmon, who is leading the bike safety classes, at or call his cell at 541.603.8362.


Sarah, Adriene, and Room 7