Sarah's Weekly Update 10-19-13

posted Oct 21, 2013, 10:13 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Students have continued to practice improving their work habits. This week, they’ve focused their attention towards controlling the noise level in the room, trying to keep it just above a whisper. The quiet has been a great help to students’ ability to focus and has improved the classroom environment as a whole. 

In math, many of the groups have focused on learning to speak, write, and understand the language of math. Students are looking at definitions for each mathematical operation, and they are then using those definitions to help them turn words into mathematical expressions. This is a huge step towards being able to accurately model and solve real life problems. 

The writing lesson this week followed naturally along after last week’s, where we generated questions about writing prompts. This week we looked at how we could respond creatively to that inquiry process. Students are asking two questions about each daily writing prompt and writing four sentences in thoughtful response to each question. Next week, these questions and answers will be used to help start writing outlines and then essays. 

The following comes from the family handbook, “Because of the importance of the social, emotional, and academic benefits of arriving at school on time and maintaining good attendance, students are expected to attend school daily, arriving when doors open at 8:25, to provide them with ample time to socialize, prepare for the school day, and ensure participation in valuable opening activities.  

Students are expected to be in class ON TIME every day. Excused absences and tardiness consist of doctor/dentist appointments, illness, and bereavement. Other reasons are unexcused.” 

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting to school on time. Just like adults, students need time in the morning to settle into the routine of school. Cutting that time short means they have less time to prepare themselves for the tasks of the day. Please do your student the service of getting him or her to school on time. Thanks! 

Laughing Planet Day
It is Ridgeline Montessori Day at Laughing Planet on 29th and Willamette, Wednesday, October 23rd (11 am-9 pm). Ridgeline Montessori receives 20% of ALL the money made by Laughing Planet at 29th and Willamette on that day. Our community has shown so much support for this benefit in the past that the Laughing Planet staff doubles in size just for that day. Let's make them work! Tell your friends and family, announce it on social networks, and join other Ridgeline families for dinner out to benefit our school. Money raised will go directly towards our P.E., music, counseling, and scholarship programs. 

Sarah, Adriene, and Room 7