Sarah's Weekly Update 10-10-13

posted Oct 10, 2013, 10:39 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week students continue to work on positive habits by recording all their work and completing all their assignments. All students have daily assignments in writing, spelling, and math that must be completed before they move on to works that they choose. Starting this week, time will be set aside on Fridays as a study hall opportunity for students who need to catch up on work. Students who have successfully completed all their assignments by the end of the week will enjoy extended recess time.  

In math, some students are practicing changing written expressions into math problems. Some groups are working with known quantities, while others are venturing into unknowns. These are key skills for students as they try to understand how to encounter word problems. Other students are learning how to round numbers using a number line. We also have a group comparing digits in different place values; for example, in which number does the digit 2 have more value: 24,890 or 48,920? 

The writing lesson this week asked students to start using interesting questions to help them flesh out their writing. Asking good questions can help a student spotlight areas of curiosity, or help a stumped friend to discover new directions and new information. This week’s writing assignment asked students to write five questions about each of our short daily writing prompts this week. 

Creative Expressions

We have a date set for the first round of Creative Expressions! The first round of electives will begin on October 25. Because we have so many Fridays off, the first round will take us all the way to Winter Break, and the showcase will happen on the last day before break. We are still looking for parents to lead creative electives. If you have an area of expertise that you would like to share, please e-mail Melissa Palma at

Bike Safety Education
Students will begin a bike safety education class this coming Monday, October 14. If your children have bikes and/or helmets, please remind them to bring them to school if possible. Bikes will be provided to students who do not have them, but riding a familiar bike is always easier than riding a strange one. 

Also please remember that release forms are required for participation in this class. If your student has not returned his or her release form, they will be required to sit out. 

Thank you,
Sarah, Adriene, and Room 7