Sarah's Weekly Update 1-9-15

posted Jan 9, 2015, 10:10 AM by Cynthia Friedman
We’re hitting the ground running this week, with several new projects in the works. First of all, the class has decided they want to present research projects at the school project fair in April. Once we pick research topics, we’re going to delve into looking at these topics in deep and complex ways. 

The class is also starting a unit on writing newspaper articles this week. This week the focus is on making sure that ideas have good details. Students are practicing adding specific descriptions to fuzzy sentences, and they are fleshing out the main character of the new story they will write. 

In science we’re beginning our study of heredity and DNA. This week students are looking at lists of common hereditary traits. Then they are documenting how common each of those traits is using dot plots. 

In math we have a number of students using their knowledge of our number system to multiply whole numbers and decimals by powers of 10. Others are dividing fractions using hands on materials, and trying to find a rule based on what they see. We also have good work happening with prime factorization. 

Thanks for everything,
Sarah, Adriene and Room 7