Sarah & Jenny Weekly Update 5-8-14

posted May 8, 2014, 11:27 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week in math, groups are working hard with fractions. Some groups are adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, while other groups are learning to equate fractions and decimals. In geometry, we have work happening with area, perimeter, and volume. We also have a group learning to convert measurements. 

We have started a new writing assignment, writing stories with catchy leads. As a class we generated a list of intriguing teasers for stories. The class was then able to pick a teaser from the class list, and use that as a story starter. 

Biome research is beginning to focus in on animal adaptations. Students are picking an animal that can be found in their biome. They are then looking at adaptations that help that animal live where it does. 

We have also started OAKS testing in the classroom this week. All three grades will be taking the state reading and math tests. Additionally, fifth graders will be taking a science test. Testing will continue during the morning work periods next week as well. 

The spelling words for this week were:
reusing, camouflage, because, awesome, emotions, lemonade, climb, canoe, memories, which, witch, listening, gentle, pulling, budge, occur, technique, already, writing, peaceful, fairy, ferry, preserved, prearranged, encounter 

Upcoming Events
5/9/14 6:30pm Family Movie Night Looking for a Friday night activity? Bring your crew to watch Ponyo in the Ridgeline gym on Friday, May 9th! We’ll start the movie at 6:30pm; doors open at 6:15pm. There will be a free popcorn station. Please look for the box to deposit your suggested $3.00 donation to the Capital Campaign.

5/18/14 9am-12pm Grounds Work Party
5/20/14 6:30pm Music Showcase (Churchill HS Auditorium) Mark your calendars for Ridgeline’s Music Showcase, May 20 at 6:30pm (students should arrive by 5:45pm) at Churchill High School Auditorium. Jennifer will be creating the schedule in the next few weeks. We will have a short rehearsal in our gymnasium the day of the performance (more details soon).

5/23/14 11am-12:45pm Move Up Day

5/29/14 5:30pm End of Year Picnic & 6:30pm Outdoor Classroom Dedication May 29, along with the end of year picnic, we will be dedicating the outdoor classroom to Ellen Wojahn. Rhonda Zimlich is taking the lead to organize this fun and fabulous “garden party.” 

Thanks for everything,
Sarah, Jenny, Adriene, and Room 7