Meridy's Update 5-18-2020

posted May 19, 2020, 9:41 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Welcome, once again, to another fabulous week of distance learning.  You all, as a class and as individuals, are amazing.   The amount and quality of work I have seen from you is incredible.  Thank you for continuing to learn during this crazy time.  Thank you for continuing to put on your best face and keep pushing through, even when sometimes you don't want to.  That's called perseverance.  And you all have it!

If you haven't yet updated to Zoom 5.0, please do so sometime this week.  It will help keep our meetings safe.  You can access the upgrade here
---Reminder to sign on using a name I would recognize, either yours or that of a family member. I will not admit anyone who has a username like "fluffykitty6" or "homeiPad."

As always, things are flexible! but you have to stay in contact with me.  Learning how to fix a flat tire?  Arranging flowers for the kitchen table?  Let me know!  This is an amazing time to try new things and get some life experience under your belt.  Email me pictures, or a sentence or two (or three or four) telling me what new thing you did this week, or what things you learned outside of the computer.

This week on Seesaw you will find:
-UJ Quote
-UJ Writing
-Daily Reading Summary
-Current Event
-What is it? Wednesday
-Science Thursday
-Melanie's Art Class
-Dan's P.E. Class 

Things you won't find on Seesaw but are still on your activity list:
-Typing 20min per week at
-Cultural Studies - I've seen some great research so far.  Keep it up!
-Khan Academy 
-FFL with the big reveal to What is it? Wednesday.

I hope you have a great week! I'll see you at 9