Meridy's Update 5-11-2020

posted May 11, 2020, 11:12 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Happy Monday Room 9!
Did I tell you recently that I miss you?  Well, I do!  So much so that I want to start having lunch with you.  Zoom style.  We'll talk about it at the Zoom meeting this morning. 

You people have been rocking' the Seesaw!  Thanks everyone for signing in and completing activities.  Remember, some things you will find on Seesaw, and others you have to do on your own.  

Things that you will find on Seesaw:
-UJ Quote
-UJ Writing
-Daily Reading Summary
-Current Event
-What is it Wednesday
-Science Thursday
-Melanie's Art Class
-Dan's P.E. Class 

Things you won't find on Seesaw but are still on your activity list:
-Typing 20min per week at
-Cultural Studies - everyone should be researching an ancient civilization.  If you need me to send the email with guidelines again, email me and let me know.
-Khan Academy 
-FFL with the big reveal to What is it? Wednesday.

As always, things are flexible! but you have to stay in contact with me.  Helping Dad in the garden or helping Mom build a new shed?  Let me know!  This is an amazing time to try new things and get some life experience under your belt.  Email me pictures, or a sentence or two (or three or four) telling me what new thing you did this week, or what things you learned outside of khan and seesaw.

I hope you have a great week! I'll see you at 9