Meridy's Update 4-6-2020

posted Apr 6, 2020, 11:35 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Meridy Wheeler

Sun, Apr 5, 7:16 PM (16 hours ago)
to Michelleme
Hello good students of the online Room 9!  Welcome to week 2 of online school. 

We're ramping it up a bit this week adding UJ, Current Event, and Geometry.  (Yes, the current event may take place of the "read for 30 minutes and write a summary assignment for the day).    

But first, our Zoom meeting is Monday (today!) at 9am)  (You should have also received a separate email invitation). 

As always, if that doesn't work, chat or email with me to figure it out.  Last time it seemed that the link worked for some and not others, while the Meeting ID worked for some and not others.  So TRY both!

Online School Week 2 (4/6 - 4/10)

-Math - Khan Academy Lesson (Assigned On Khan) and Prodigy (recommended 30 minutes of each every day)

-Reading - Recommended 30 minutes a day and either write a summary or make a video about what you read.

-Unconventional Journal - Daily Journal / Writing Prompt/Quote. Adriene will send the writing prompt and the quote sometime today. Just like at regular school, this is a once a week assignment. Please make sure to share with both Adriene and myself when you complete them either in Google Docs or an email. Or if you need to write it with paper and pencil, take a picture and email it to us if you can.

--Write at least a paragraph for the prompt. For the quote write a paragraph and tell us what you think about the quote (Do you like it?  Why or Why not?) and how it might pertain to your life (e.g. How can you apply it in your life? Where have you seen this idea in person?  Has it ever happened to you?).

-Cultural - From those that responded to my inquiry about Egypt, many either had their notes already or were ready to start research. I will email each student with further directions later today depending on how they answered the request.

-Current Event - Find an article and write a summary. Do at least one this week. Remember your summary must include:

--Publisher and Author and date if stated. (For example: "The article Facts About Coronavirus is from National Geographic Kids written by C.M. Tomlin. The date was not provided").

--At least a paragraph about the article (Who? What? Where? When? Why is this article important? Why did you choose this article?)

Articles can be found at:

-Dogo News

-Time For Kids for current

-National Geographic Kids

-Geometry - Find 3 obtuse angles, 3 acute angles and 3 right angles around your home or outside on a walk or wherever!
If you can, take pictures and email them to me explaining what angle each is and where you found it. If you If you can't take pictures, open a Google Doc, click the "Insert" tab then scroll down to the "Drawing" function draw them for me. If you have a protractor then measure the angle! If you don't, make your best guess at what the angle might be.
Well, I'll see you all at the meeting at 9 and we will go over this and any questions you may have.  See you all there!  Remember, I'll have office hour at 12 noon to 1pm for any questions you may have that weren't answered at the meeting.  

Thanks and I miss you all!