Meridy's Update 4-20-2020

posted Apr 20, 2020, 10:54 AM by Cynthia Friedman
And now, let's jump right in...
There will be lots of changes this week.  We are moving to a new online tool called Seesaw.  It.  Is.  So.  Cool.  Instead of me sending an email on Monday with your assignments, you will receive them and turn them in through Seesaw.  Great news can still write your assignments on Google Docs or if you are using pencil and paper, you can take a picture and send it that way, just like you are doing now.... but using the Seesaw webpage.

I know it's pretty scary to have to start something new just as we are getting used to the way we are doing it, but I think this will make our life so much easier.  No more scrolling through emails to find the one you are looking for, it's all in one place! (except for the twice weekly Zoom meetings, those will still be on email, as well as some of the fun emails that don't require responses (like Chin Chin photos and videos)).

This week we will do a mix of Seesaw and what we were doing before as you get used to the Seesaw website.  
Your first task: Sign into Seesaw and try to "Add Response" to the first couple assignments, by WEDNESDAY.   I will have a couple up on Monday and add a couple on Tuesday.  If you don't figure it out, that's okay!  Write down your questions and we will talk about it and screen share at the Wednesday Zoom meeting. 

You should be receiving your Seesaw login information at 9am Monday (that's today!).  Please wait until after our Zoom meeting to check it out.  If you are having problems logging into Seesaw, there will be a help email address on your login email from the office.

Here is your list of assignments to do The old way.  We will gradually change over to Seesaw as we get better at using it.

Math - No new lessons on Khan Academy but keep working through the ones that are on there. PLEASE email me if you are stuck or confused or having trouble with Khan. I recognize that Khan teaches in a really different way than I do. It's okay to ask for help (in fact I want you too, I miss you guys :)

Also spend 30 minutes on Prodigy every day.

Reading - Recommended 30 minutes a day and either write a summary or make a video about what you read (Yes, this can be a current event).

Unconventional Journal - Writing Prompt / Quote. Adriene will send the writing prompt and the quote sometime today. Just like at regular school, this is a once a week assignment. Please make sure to share with both Adriene and myself when you complete them either in Google Docs or an email. If you need to write it with paper and pencil, take a picture and email it to us if you can.

--Write at least a paragraph for the prompt. For the quote write a paragraph and tell us what you think about the quote (Do you like it?  Why or Why not?) and how it might pertain to your life (e.g. How can you apply it in your life? Where have you seen this idea in person?  Has it ever happened to you?).

Cultural - This is the week to finish Egypt if you are still working on it. Please have both the written and art/visual part finished by Friday April 24th. If you are already working on a different civilization, keep going!

 I will send out What is it WednesdayScience Thursday and Friday Fun Links (FFL) on their respective days via email for this week.  That will change as we all get used to Seesaw.

This is so exciting to move forward and grow in our online schooling.  Thanks for being brave in this new world :) 
See you at 9am!