Jenny's Weekly Update 3-20-14

posted Mar 20, 2014, 11:06 AM by Cynthia Friedman
4th graders are continuing to practice various ways to multiply multi-digit numbers, including using arrays and area models.
5th graders are preparing useful resource booklets for multiples and factors. These will come in handy when they start working on fractions.
6th graders are reviewing the order of operations. 

This week students are again practicing reading skillfully! This involves reading a passage and answering some comprehension questions afterwards. Often this requires summing up the main idea of the passage and pulling several sentences that provide proof of the main idea the student stated. 

Students are on their last three Editing Rules! This week the focus is how to deal with words that create a pause at the beginning of a sentence and either require a comma or are exciting enough to need an exclamation mark. Lastly, students are practicing capitalizing the first word in every line of a poem. Some students are creating their own poems, and I am so impressed!  

Also, students are continuing to edit paragraphs daily. 

Natural Disaster projects are due tomorrow! Once again students have had the option to choose a display of their choice. 

In other news: 
o 3/22-31 Spring Break
o 4/1/14 Classes Resume
o 4/2/14 Laughing Planet Fundraiser (29th and Willamette)
o 4/2/14 Enrollment Application Deadline 4pm 

Jenny, Adriene & Room 7