Jenny's Weekly Update 3-13-14

posted Mar 13, 2014, 11:00 AM by Cynthia Friedman




4th graders are practicing different ways to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.

5th graders are finishing up decimals and moving on to multiples.  This will continue through the study of factors and prepare them to work with fractions.

6th graders are being introduced to linear functions and the activities that go with them, such as function tables and plotting the ordered pairs from the tables.


In addition, this Friday is Pi Day!  Throughout the week students will be learning about and completing various activities to become familiar with the term.  We will also be celebrating Pi Day on Friday, March 14 with some edible pie.  Thank you to those parents who have already committed to donating a pie or two.



This week students are practicing reading skillfully.  This includes reading a passage and responding to some follow up comprehension questions.



Students are almost finished with studying the Editing Rules.  We will practice our last rules next week.  This week the focus is on apostrophe use and abbreviations.


As promised, students are also continuing to practice editing paragraphs. 



Students are continuing to gather information and should be finishing research on their Natural Disaster projects.  This is a guided research project and this week Step 4 and 5 will be due on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.  Step 4 is to organize their research information and Step 5 is making sure they have enough information to answer their research question.




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