Jenny's Weekly Update 2-28-14

posted Feb 28, 2014, 9:03 AM by Cynthia Friedman
This week in math some 4th graders are continuing studies in factoring and multiples.  Other 4th years are moving into multi-digit multiplication using the Montessori Stamp Game and also solving problems using an area model.  5th graders are practicing multiplying decimals, including deciphering decimal multiplication word problems.  6th graders are continuing to explore the world of variables and function tables.
This week most students are finishing up their reading group books, the others will finish next week.  Next up will be book report projects. 
In writing, students are continuing to practice Editing Rules.  This week the focus is capitalizing proper nouns, such as a street, city, state, or country.
This week we are exploring natural disasters.  Each day this week we have watched videos on two different natural disasters. This provided enough context so that students can choose a natural disaster for an independent research project.
At home, students should continue to work on their science fair projects.
Now is the time to get going on displays and experiments, if that hasn’t been started yet.  You may purchase a display board from Ridgeline or create your own. Please let me know if you would like a scholarship for your child’s board or if you would like to donate money into the scholarship fund.
UPDATE: I gave the wrong price for the tri-fold cardboard display boards.  Last week I told you they were $5.  They are actually only $3!

Projects are Due March 7th
In other news: 
  • 3/8/14                Pre-Lottery Information Session
Jenny, Adriene and Room 7