Jenny's Weekly Update 2-19-14

posted Feb 21, 2014, 12:24 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Some students continue to study factors, including how to find the greatest common factor.  Two other groups are practicing the skills they’ve learned about decimals using imaginary allowance amounts and real newspaper advertisements.  One group is beginning to learn about variables, including the difference between independent and dependent variables.  Following this, they are practicing using those variables, along with a coefficient, to complete function tables.
Students are reading further in their Reading Group books and completing a Reading Response for what they have read.  We will be finishing books next week and starting book report projects.
This week I am excited to see student’s completed Plate Tectonic Projects.  They are due by the end of the day Thursday.
Students should be continuing to work on their Science Fair Projects at home.
In writing, students are continuing to practice "Editing Rules."  This week the focus is when to capitalize in titles and comma usage when writing the date or in a series.
  • 2/21/14                  Pasta Dinner 5-7pm
  • 2/27/14                  Pre-Lottery Information Session
  • 2/27/14                  Ridgeline Middle School Information Session 
  • 3/8/14                    Pre-Lottery Information Session

Wondering About Ridgeline’s Middle School? – 5th and 6th grade parents and students are invited to a Middle School information session with Middle School teacher Jon Labrousse. Learn all about what Ridgeline’s Middle School has to offer, Thursday,February 27, 7-7:45pm in the Middle School classroom.
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