Jenny's Weekly Update 1-31-14

posted Jan 31, 2014, 12:30 PM by Cynthia Friedman



4th graders are finishing up converting simple word problems into equations and practicing multiplying by 10s, 100s and 1,000s.  Next week they will be moving on to factors and multiples. 

5th graders are reviewing multiplication using arrays and practicing multiplying multi-digit numbers.

6th graders are continuing their study of fractions by finding the least common denominator to compare, order, add and subtract.



In reading we are studying root words by playing a game called “Root Hoot”(played a bit like Uno) that asks students to find common roots amongst a given set of cards.



This week in writing we are beginning Editing Rules.  Students will be given two to three rules per week and asked to complete five practice sentences using that rule.  This week's rules include starting every sentence with a capital letter and always capitalizing the letter I. 



Beginning this week, students are using the computers to complete a guided internet search exploring plate tectonics. This introduction to plate tectonics will be followed by an independent research project to be completed in the coming weeks.


In other news:


Science Fair - Hopefully your student has brought home their science homework!  Coming up in March, Ridgeline is going to have a Science Fair that all students must participate in.  This week I gave them a short homework assignment to come up with three questions that they would like to research.  In addition they should briefly describe their experiment and give a short list of materials they will need. 


Creative Expressions - After wrapping up the latest Creative Expressions classes with an amazing display of talent at last week’s Showcase, we are ready to start planning for the next round.  Do you have a talent or skill that you would like to share with the students at Ridgeline?  Do you have between noon and 1:15pm available on Fridays?  If so, this could be your opportunity to share a skill with a small group of Upper Elementary kids.

This round’s sessions will run from 12:00 pm to 1:15pm, on the following Fridays:

February 14

February 21

February 28

March 7

March 14

March 21 (showcase)


Please contact Clint at to sign up or for more information. If you are not available but know someone who likes working with children and might like to come in, please ask them to email or talk with Clint.

Thanks! It will be an enriching experience for all!


Human Growth and Development -

February 10-12th we will have Planned Parenthood visiting our classroom to teach students about human growth and development.  On the evening of Thursday, February 6th from 5-6pm, right before the All School Meeting, we will be having a Parent Preview of what will be covered by Planned Parenthood.  This will take place in Clint's classroom.



We have lots of exciting things coming up!  Please stay in communication if you have any thoughts or questions about upcoming events.




Jenny, Adriene and Room 7