Jenny and Sarah's Weekly Update 4-4-14

posted Apr 8, 2014, 3:39 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Well Spring Break is over, and we're all buckling down for the final push until the end of the year. I am back from maternity leave and will be at school in the afternoons. I'll focus on math and writing lessons with the class. Jenny is still here in the mornings, and she will be in charge of cultural studies, research and projects, reading, and supporting follow-up assignments. As ever, Adriene is the wonderful constant throughout the whole day, being everything we need her to be. 

The math focus is turning towards fractions for most of the class. Some students will be spending a lot of time developing an understanding of what equivalent fractions are and how to find them. Others will be reviewing this briefly this week before moving on to operations. We also have a group that is beginning work on ratios and proportions this week. 

We're investigating storytelling right now in writing. We're focusing on the difference between first hand sources and second hand sources. Students are reading examples of each and are being asked to tell a first hand story about something funny that has happened to them. I will also be asking them to interview someone from an older generation and come to class with a second hand story about the interviewee. 

Jenny is beginning a new project on biomes this week. The class is getting familiar with some of the vocabulary about biomes, and they are choosing which biome they would like to look at in more depth. 

In reading, all the groups will be choosing a new book for literature circles this week. Each group has three books from which to choose. Students are able to get familiar with all three books before picking one of them. 

A parent mentioned that it would be nice to know what the spelling words look like. At the beginning of each week the class is given a pretest of 25 words. Each student chooses 10 words from the list that he or she spelled incorrectly. This is the spelling list for the week. If more than 10 words were spelled incorrectly, then the student chooses which 10 will make up the spelling list. If less than 10 were spelled incorrectly then the student picks the rest of his or her list from the words that they use frequently. 

This week's spelling words come from the new science unit on biomes. They are:
abundance alpine biodiversity biome biota
carnivore climate complexity conifer deciduous
decomposers detritivores diversity ecology ecosystem
fauna flora food web forest herbivore
omnivore organic succession terrestrial understory 

Khan Academy
Next week the class is going to start using Khan Academy to practice some math concepts. Khan Academy is an online resource covering a myriad of subjects. Student can see tutorials, practice skills and track progress. We as teachers will also be able to track how students are spending their time on the site, and if you as parents would also like to track that information we can help you to do that. If you would not like your child to use Khan Academy, please contact myself or Jenny and let us know. 

Volunteer Appreciation
We would like to send a huge thank you to all the parents who volunteer their time to the school. You make Ridgeline an amazing place to be. Because of you we can offer things like Creative Expressions, tutoring, and more one-on-one attention that some students really need. And that just scratches the surface of what you do for the school. To show our appreciation we would like to invite you to tea. Please join us Friday morning, April 11 from 8:30 to 9:30 for refreshments in the library to say "thank you" for everything you do. 

Upcoming Events
4/9/14 Lottery for 2014-15 enrollment
4/11/14 Parent’s Time Out 
4/11/14 Capital Campaign Thank You Dinner hosted by Jeff & Thea Cook
4/12/14 OBOB State Tournament 

Sarah, Jenny, Adriene, and Room 7