Dana's Weekly Update 10-18-12

posted Oct 18, 2012, 11:34 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Students are moving right along with their math work. Groups are working on developmentally appropriate concepts right now. Topics are varying widely from group to group. 

In order to ensure that students are working on math concepts that are challenging for them, I’m instituting a new system for math work. On Mondays I am making available all the math assignments that students will have for that week. This means that if students would like to have more time to complete lessons, they can find out the assignments on Monday and begin working on them. It also gives students a chance to advance more quickly past concepts which they already know quite well. If a student completes an assignment early, with 90 % accuracy, they will be excused from the lesson where we cover that information, and will then move on to the next lesson. All students will continue to complete three math assignments each week at a level that is appropriate for them. 

We have a variety of focuses in writing at this time. This week 6th graders will be participating in a writers workshop, where the other students will read their work and give feedback. Students will be asked to use the feedback to write new drafts of their work. 5th grade students are beginning work on an adventure story, and 4th grade is being asked to make an outline of a paragraph they will write about an animal, and to use that outline to create a new paragraph. 

All the students are busy getting into their book groups this week. While the assignments differ from group to group, everyone has a reading assignment. 

The history assignment for this week is to use the sources that they came up with last week to find three Native American tribes that were living in Oregon in 1541, and to mark their territories on a blank map of Oregon. 

In geography, students are finding 5 North American examples of each of the landforms that they defined last week, and are labeling them on a map of North America. 

Conference Sign-Up: Conference schedules are posted in the office. (11/1 1:00pm-7:10pm and 11/2 8:30am-3:55pm). Sign up in the foyer early to reserve your time! 

The current focuses in the classroom right now are Native Americans of Oregon, and landforms of North America. If you happen to have any age appropriate books at home, that you would be willing to share with the class, we would love to have them. Feel free to send them to school with your student. 

Thank you all,
Sarah, Emily, and Room 7