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Meridy's Room (Upper Elementary)

Meridy's Update 4-6-2020

posted Apr 6, 2020, 11:35 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Meridy Wheeler

Sun, Apr 5, 7:16 PM (16 hours ago)
to Michelleme
Hello good students of the online Room 9!  Welcome to week 2 of online school. 

We're ramping it up a bit this week adding UJ, Current Event, and Geometry.  (Yes, the current event may take place of the "read for 30 minutes and write a summary assignment for the day).    

But first, our Zoom meeting is Monday (today!) at 9am)  (You should have also received a separate email invitation). 

As always, if that doesn't work, chat or email with me to figure it out.  Last time it seemed that the link worked for some and not others, while the Meeting ID worked for some and not others.  So TRY both!

Online School Week 2 (4/6 - 4/10)

-Math - Khan Academy Lesson (Assigned On Khan) and Prodigy (recommended 30 minutes of each every day)

-Reading - Recommended 30 minutes a day and either write a summary or make a video about what you read.

-Unconventional Journal - Daily Journal / Writing Prompt/Quote. Adriene will send the writing prompt and the quote sometime today. Just like at regular school, this is a once a week assignment. Please make sure to share with both Adriene and myself when you complete them either in Google Docs or an email. Or if you need to write it with paper and pencil, take a picture and email it to us if you can.

--Write at least a paragraph for the prompt. For the quote write a paragraph and tell us what you think about the quote (Do you like it?  Why or Why not?) and how it might pertain to your life (e.g. How can you apply it in your life? Where have you seen this idea in person?  Has it ever happened to you?).

-Cultural - From those that responded to my inquiry about Egypt, many either had their notes already or were ready to start research. I will email each student with further directions later today depending on how they answered the request.

-Current Event - Find an article and write a summary. Do at least one this week. Remember your summary must include:

--Publisher and Author and date if stated. (For example: "The article Facts About Coronavirus is from National Geographic Kids written by C.M. Tomlin. The date was not provided").

--At least a paragraph about the article (Who? What? Where? When? Why is this article important? Why did you choose this article?)

Articles can be found at:

-Dogo News

-Time For Kids for current

-National Geographic Kids

-Geometry - Find 3 obtuse angles, 3 acute angles and 3 right angles around your home or outside on a walk or wherever!
If you can, take pictures and email them to me explaining what angle each is and where you found it. If you If you can't take pictures, open a Google Doc, click the "Insert" tab then scroll down to the "Drawing" function draw them for me. If you have a protractor then measure the angle! If you don't, make your best guess at what the angle might be.
Well, I'll see you all at the meeting at 9 and we will go over this and any questions you may have.  See you all there!  Remember, I'll have office hour at 12 noon to 1pm for any questions you may have that weren't answered at the meeting.  

Thanks and I miss you all!

Meridy's Update 4-1-2020

posted Apr 1, 2020, 10:09 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to “online-at-home-this-is-new-for-all-of-us” school!  I hope the past two weeks have treated you and your family well.  As we dive head first into this crazy new way of life, I would like to remind you of your students routine before the extended spring break.  We would start school at 8:30 with a check in and greeting. By 9 students were usually settled in their seats and starting to focus on work. The first hour was independent work and in the second and third they would collaborate.  

The good news is, your students know how to focus, work independently, and choose their own works!  A quiet space, computer access, and a list of activities is all they need. As time goes on, we will all be professionals at Zoom meetings and maybe they can collaborate with friends via computer screens.  If you haven’t already, talk with your student and design a work schedule that works for both of you (don’t forget to include snacks, exercise, and fresh air! I hear Dan will be sending some P.E. ideas your way).


  Below is a suggested schedule of activities for your student for this week.  I will send a new list of ideas every Monday. At this point, we recommend two hours of work a day (well within your students usual three hour work period!).  As students turn work in, I will leave comments and feedback.  

Please have your student sign up for Khan Academy and Prodigy which are both math sites.  Special Classroom links are provided below. I know many students already have logins with Khan, but I would still like them to sign up through the classroom so they can receive the suggested lessons.  I will email the students with these directions and schedules too. Please have them check their email every day!

Khan Academy Sign Up Links - click the link for your grade

6th Grade -

5th Grade -

4th Grade -

Prodigy Link -  Go to the link and insert the code for your grade.

4th Grade 7A76F3

5th Grade 99DD20

6th Grade 995EC0


Week 1 (April 1- April 3)

Math - Khan Academy Lesson (I’ll send each student a weekly lesson directly through Khan).  They should also practice on Prodigy (daily - 30 min of each recommended)

Reading - Recommended at least 30 minutes a day.  Either write a summary on a Google Doc and share it with me or make a video about what you read and email the video to me.

Writing - Start a Daily Journal.  Write about how weird this time is.  What you like and don’t like about it.  Write about how you feel or how things change from day to day (or maybe they stay the same?)  Aim to write for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes it’s better to just write without thinking. Try it!  The sentences don’t have to make sense or have punctuation or capitals. This is your journal, no one will read it! 

Cultural - Work on your Ancient Egypt project.  Share any writing you have done through Google Drive.  Don’t forget the art/visual part! When you finish that, email me a picture showing me what you did. Remember to keep this project safe for when we come back.

Typing Practice - 20 min/week at  If you forget your login or password, let me know and I can retrieve it for you.

Next week Adriene will send a weekly Writing Prompt and Quote - Students should write at least one paragraph for the prompt.  For the quote, students write a paragraph and tell us what they think about the quote (Do they like it? Why or Why not?) and how it might pertain to their life (e.g. How can they apply it in their life? Where have they seen this idea in person?  Has it ever happened to them?). Both of these are things they have done before and should be completed as a Google Doc.

I will be available M-F from 12-1 for email chats (I think it’s called Google Chats), individual Zoom meetings, emails, etc. if you or your student have questions for me.  I will also be checking my email periodically throughout the day and will try my best to respond within 24 hours. 

Finally, I would like to start tomorrow with our first Zoom meeting at 10 am.  I’ll send that info in a separate email so it’s easy to find.

Thank you for your patience as we figure this all out.  I’m sure things will be tweaked as we learn and try new things.  Thank you for supporting your child’s learning through this difficult time.  Please let me know if you have any concerns, questions, or difficulty accessing these ideas.

Take Care,


Meridy's Update 2-28-2020

posted Feb 28, 2020, 1:12 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Happy Friday Room 9!  Welcome to the end of February!  What a month it has been. Students finished their biographies and they were presented as a museum walk today.  Ask your student if they learned about someone new. Research projects have been decided on for Egyptian history.  Each will have a written component and an artistic component. What will your student study or what is their idea for presenting it?  In Ecology, we reviewed food chains and food webs with a simulation where students represented either coyotes, rabbits, or grass. The big question is what would happen if a second species of rabbit came in?  How would it affect the coyotes, rabbit and grass?

Stripes & Polka Dots on Monday - We will be celebrating "Read Across America" focusing on books students can see themselves reflected in, as well as books that allow readers to see a world or a character that might be different than them. On March 2nd, Ridgeline will be wearing stripes and polka dots to kick off this day of literacy, and Principal Michelle will visit some classrooms to read short stories.

Ridgeline Calendar

Fri. 2/28    Cyclists Committee Meeting 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Mon. 3/2   Read Across America Day - wear stripes & polka dots

Thurs. 3/5 Kindergarten Curriculum Sharing 3:05-4:05 & 6-7 p.m.

Fri. 3/6     Site Council Parent Rep. Pop-up on the South Playground 1:05 p.m.

until 3/20 Direct Donation Drive! Donate today (or tomorrow, or the next day)


Meridy's Update 1-17-2020

posted Jan 30, 2020, 2:50 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Welcome Back Room 9!   Students settled in nicely after the winter break.  We’ve been getting back into the groove with our core works and students finished up projects from before the break.  Mesopotamia projects were presented this week bringing Mesopotamia to an end. Up next is Egypt. Our big cell/organelle project was handed out on Thursday.  I’ve attached the syllabus to the email version for your reference. There were many options so ask your student which one they think they want to do. Some projects may need parental oversight such as baking a cell cake.   

Weekly Quote The most certain way to succeed is to just try one more time.  -Thomas Edison

With the new year and new decade starting, Adriene and I chose this quote as a reminder to students that you can never succeed if you give up.  We talked about Thomas Edison’s 1000 attempts to make the light bulb. Hopefully, a reminder of this will help students struggle through that difficult math problem or finish that final paragraph of the paper they have been dreading.

Biking Survey - As part of Safe Routes to School program we need to evaluate student transportation. We ask that you take a few minutes to fill out our Parent Survey for Ridgeline to help us as we work to improve the safety for students to walk, bike and roll to school. This link is specific for your school. If you have more than one student at this school please fill out one for the older student only. If you have students at more than one school please fill out one for each school you receive a link for. Thank you for your time!

Mon. 1/20 NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Thurs. 1/23 Chat with Site Council Reps 8:45 a.m. at Market of Choice

Thurs. 1/23 Lottery Information Session 6:30 p.m.

Fri. 1/24 Talent Show 6-8 p.m.

Fri 1/31 NO SCHOOL - Grading Day

Meridy's Update 1-30-2020

posted Jan 30, 2020, 1:51 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Happy Thursday Room 9!   Friday’s Cell Mania was amazing!   City analogies, food representations, poems, rap songs and billboards selling organelles as products were presented.  Chrystell, Michelle, and the other upper elementary classrooms showed up to check them out too. This week we started our study of Ancient Egypt with a look at what kinds of questions we want to know about a civilization and categorizing them.  I’m sure you heard about the movie that followed. Students are taking notes and asking questions to help guide them in their future research.

Quote of the Week  Last week, after a thoughtful discussion about why we celebrate a day named after him, students chose their favorite quote from Dr. Martin Luther King.  The goal was to connect it to their life and think about their dream for the world.  

Report Cards will be coming home next Friday.  If you have any concerns after receiving it, please email me and we can set up a time to meet or speak over the phone. 



So many ways to share knowledge about organelles.  They should be proud of themselves for working so hard!

Fri. 1/31                 NO SCHOOL Grading Day

Fri. 1/31                 New Student & Sibling Lottery Applications Due

Mon. 2/3               T-Shirt Orders due

Thurs. 2/6             Middle School Information Night 6-7:30pm 

Meridy's Update 12-20-19

posted Jan 13, 2020, 3:59 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Happy Friday Room 9! We are finishing up our Mesopotamia studies with a mini project. I’ve seen everything from brochures (Visit Mesopotamia!) to then and now food comparisons. In physics we spent many an afternoon designing, testing, failing, and redesigning our balloon cars. Discussing our successes and asking questions to other teams helped everyone come up with something that worked. Each group had a chance to show their car at the “race track” (a.k.a the gym). Awards were given to the fastest, best spin out, slowest, most curvy, most backward, and twirliest cars. We have also been studying organelles and their functions within our cells. We will continue this after break with a final project.

Thank you For a wonderful 2019! Have a safe and restful winter break. See you January 7th

Meridy's Update 11-25-19

posted Nov 25, 2019, 9:55 AM by Cynthia Friedman   [ updated Nov 25, 2019, 10:06 AM ]

Happy Friday Room 9!  What a wonderful couple weeks we have had.  History has brought us to the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia.  Where is Mesopotamia you may ask? Well, after this week your student should know so ask them!  Also ask them about their writing assignment as it too, connected to the people in Ancient Mesopotamia.  In physics students experimented with Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion creating balloon rockets. They designed their own tests choosing whether their variable would be the size of the balloon or the type of string.  Ask your student what happened.

Thank you!  What a show!  The kids performed wonderfully at our annual Barnes and Noble event.  I got a sneak peak at the book box from Barnes and Noble and was very excited to see the variety and number of books for our class.  I (and the students) really appreciate your contribution! I wasn’t able to take pictures at Barnes and Noble, but check out the pictures of the students practicing.

Chinchilla Sitting -  I just found out I will be visiting the great state of Alabama for winter break.  I will be leaving Sunday December 22 - December 30. Is someone willing to pepper sit over this period of time?  I have a small cage for her so we don’t have to transport the huge one. Please let me know if you’re home is available to house this little critter.   


Tuesday November 26  Bring Vegetables – Send your child with vegetables! Students will cut veggies in the classrooms on Tuesday to be used in a communal stone soup inspired by the Stone Soup fable. Veggie slicing volunteers STILL needed. Sign up here to help students slice vegetables. 

Wednesday November 27 –Stone Soup & Sing Along -Our annual Stone Soup Celebration is Wednesday, November 27. Ridgeline volunteers will cook the stone soup outside the front of the school on Wednesday and the soup will be served for an early afternoon snack following an all-school sing along hosted by middle school at 12:30pm. Your student should still bring a sack lunch from home that day to eat in the late morning!

Students will eat in their classrooms and parents are welcome to join us for both the sing-a-long and the soup.

Bring a BOWL and SPOON on Wednesday, November 27 

If you are leaving early with your student(s), be sure to sign them out in the office. School dismisses at the regular time, 3:05 p.m.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family.  I hope your holiday is relaxing and joyful.


Meridy's Update 11-6-19

posted Nov 6, 2019, 12:55 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Happy Wednesday Room 9 We started Ecology last week and students learned about different levels of ecological organization.  From atoms to the biosphere, we will continue to study behavior and relationships between organisms. History continues next week as we see humans change from the hunter gatherer lifestyle to a more sedentary farming one.  How do small farms become civilizations? We are about to find out!

Conferences- Tomorrow, November 7th and 8th are conferences.  If you haven’t signed up yet, there are still some slots left.  Click HERE to sign up.  I would like to see these as student-led conferences, so try to sign up for a time when everyone can attend.  Remember, these are no school days.

Barnes and Noble Night is  Friday, November 15th.  The students are excited and  practicing their plays. Our class performs at 7:00 P.M. I will be gathering students around 6:50 to pass out props and costumes.   I’ll give them more information on Friday before the event.  

Crossing Guard - Help keep our students safe and get your volunteer hours in! We need volunteers to act as crossing guards at the new cross walk across W. Amazon directly in front of the school. Mornings crossing guard shifts are 8-8:30 a.m.; afternoons are 3-3:20 p.m. (M-TH), and 1-1:20 p.m. (F). Safety vests and stop signs are available for pick up in the office. Sign up for a weekly crossing guard spot here

What’s Your Ridgeline Story? - As we prepare for charter renewal we are seeking letters of support to share with the 4J board and district leadership.  What do you love about Ridgeline? How are we positively impacting your child’s life? Please share your story by emailing by November 18. If you missed this week’s email please read the Big Works 2019-20 Issue #6 about Ridgeline’s charter renewal.


Meridy's Update 10-25-19

posted Oct 25, 2019, 9:36 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Happy Friday Room 9!

Field trip - What a great memory-making trip!  Students got dirty, but the rain held off for a morning of planting native Yarrow at Alton Baker Park.  Walama Restoration will continue to work with the students, visiting us once a month to start our own native plant collection to be planted in the community next fall!  There were so many great pictures they didn’t fit on this page, but I added all of them to the email.

Bike Safety - We had on and off cold/rainy/sunny/beautiful weather for our bike safety classes.  No matter the weather, the students are now all better riders with so much practice and safer too!  Hopefully, you see them using some of their newfound skills, like wearing a helmet correctly, shoulder checking, and signaling before a turn.  They also learned how to correctly identify right-of-way and choose safe routes around neighborhoods.

Curriculum Sharing.   Thank you to all of those that made it to Curriculum Sharing Night.  I get so much joy out of having families visit the classroom. 

These last two weeks have sure been busy.  There is also a lot to look forward to. Next week we celebrate spirit days dress-up days!  If your student would like to participate, the schedule is:

Wed Oct 30th- Pajama Day

Thursday Oct31st -Crazy Sock Day

Friday Nov 1st- Rainbow Day

Conferences are coming up November 7th and 8th. The schedule sign-up was shared in last week’s eNews or you can click HERE to sign up.  I would like to see these as student-led conferences, so try to sign up for a time when everyone can attend.  Remember, these are no school days.

Barnes and Noble Night is  Friday, November 15th.  The students have been furiously writing play scripts for us to perform.  If you know you are not going to be able to make it to Barnes and Noble night, please let me know and your student can be part of the props/setting crew instead of having an acting part.    

One mission, One Vision, One School, One CommunitySchool-wide News

Thank you for being a part of Ridgeline’s community.  Here are a few ways you can help keep your child’s attendance regular.

·      Make appointments with the doctor or dentist in the late afternoon so your child misses as little school as possible.

·      Call the school as soon as you know your child will be absent and tell the school staff why your child will be out and for how long.

·      Be prepared to get a doctor’s note when requested by school personnel.

·      Schedule trips exclusively during school breaks.

·      Reach out to staff, RCO, or the class parents if you don’t feel connected.  Connection matters!

Meridy's Update 10-10-19

posted Oct 21, 2019, 2:29 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Happy Friday Room 9!

In these past two weeks, Room 9 has been getting into the groove.  Math is in full swing with multiplication checkerboard and stamp game division all over the room.  Some students are reviewing fraction operations, some are learning new fraction operations, and still others are learning about negative integers.  For history, we conducted our own archaeology dig and found everyday objects that students analyzed and wrote stories explaining who used them and how they were used.  For example, did you know humans went extinct from too much soft-serve ice cream? They got permanent brain freeze. In science, we used the scientific method to guide us through explorations in Physics.  Hot wheels, marbles, ping pong balls, and bubbles abound!

Jog-a-thon-Thank you to everyone who helped today to make jog-a-thon a success!  The bracelets have been counted and now the pledges need to be collected.  Please have them returned by Monday, October 14th.  

Field Trip to Alton Baker On Wednesday, October 16th we will be headed to Alton Baker Park with Walama Restoration to start our monthly program.  Walama will be visiting us monthly to build hoop houses and planting seeds as well as learning about local plant ecology.  Almost all field trip forms have been turned in. If you are not sure if your student returned theirs, please let me know. 

Bike Safety! Oct 14-25 The City of Eugene’s River House Outdoor Program in partnership with Eugene 4J Safe Routes to School is bringing Bicycle Safety Education (BSE) to Ridgeline.  Lucky Us! This amazing free program is designed to teach students the basics of safe riding, self-awareness, proper helmet fit and the importance of following traffic laws.  Students will first learn safety information in the classroom, followed by on-bike practice, leading up to an on-street community bike ride on the last days of the class.  

If you haven’t signed your liability form, please let me know and I will send another one home.  

One mission, One Vision, One School, One Community

Thank you for being a part of Ridgeline’s community.  Here are a few ways you can help keep your child’s attendance regular.


·      Make appointments with the doctor or dentist in the late afternoon so your child misses as little school as possible.

·      Call the school as soon as you know your child will be absent and tell the school staff why your child will be out and for how long.

·      Be prepared to get a doctor’s note when requested by school personnel.

·      Schedule trips exclusively during school breaks.

·      Reach out to staff, RCO, or the class parents if you don’t feel connected.  Connection matters!

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