Ridgeline Middle School STEM News 11/29

posted Dec 5, 2018, 11:47 AM by Cynthia Friedman

School Updates

Student Marketplace December 8! - Please join us between 10am-1pm and invite your friends and families!  This was such a fabulous event last year! Come see the creative items our students have made and support their entrepreneurial and fundraising efforts!

Trash Around Campus– We have noticed quite a bit of random garbage around campus. Please remind students to place their trash in the garbage cans and take care of our campus.


Powerful Message– I encourage you to take 15 minutes to watch the video "A Time to Listen" from The Promise of Oregon.  There is also a shorter version but I think the full video is well worth the time.  It provides a powerful message regarding the state of school funding in Oregon.  And we are providing high-quality public Montessori education with 80% of the funding (plus community support through fundraising and volunteerism).  Imagine what we could do if all public schools in Oregon were fully and adequately funded!

Help School Stay Healthy!– “Frequent and effective hand washing is the primary prevention measure against the spread of communicable disease.” Please encourage hand washing and inform your students what they should do if they feel bad/sick when they are at school. They should NOT sign themselves out to use the restroom, get sick and then go to the office on their own. Students (not feeling well) should inform their teacher, and go to the office with a trash can (they are to use it if they vomit). Assistants, will spray virustat on the tables and chairs after school each day.



We wrapped up our section answering the question:  How do oceans affect weather and climate? Written below is an answer to this question based on a class consensus process. Each table group first came up with their best answer to this question, then as a class, we chose one to start with, edited, improved, and crafted it using ideas from all groups to make this final answer.  

How do oceans affect weather and climate?

Oceans have an enormous effect on weather and climate. Water covers over 70 percent of Earth's surface, and is efficient at absorbing energy from the Sun through radiation. The oceans act as a storage place for thermal energy, because water has a high heat capacity. Heat capacity, upwelling and sea breezes are some of the ways the oceans affect the earth's temperature.  That enables it to easily heat or cool the earth's climate. Upwelling is when cold currents from the deep ocean hit a landmass, move to the surface, and cool the local land temperature through sea breezes. Sea breezes are another way that oceans bring different temperatures to the land. When the sea breezes are blowing in the same direction as global winds, then they have more power so they have a larger effect on the lands temperature.

One other factor in climate and weather change is the Global Ocean Conveyor Belt. The Global Ocean Conveyor Belt affects weather by transferring water throughout the oceans through conduction, convection. This conveyor belt is so big that it would take one drop of water 1000 years to travel the whole conveyor belt. Warm water gets transferred from the equator up to the Polar regions, and cold water from the Polar regions gets transferred to the equator. This causes the weather near the equator to be cooler, and the weather towards the North and South Poles to not be as cold as it would be otherwise.  These are some of the ways that oceans control land and air temperatures.


All of your student’s assignments are accessible using the link sent home for Jupiter Grades access.  They do have math homework due every day Monday through Thursday of each week. Sometimes they will have homework due on Friday if we have a short week, or the group needs extra practice.  Please support your students in carving out time early in the afternoon to get their math homework finished. If a student is stuck on a problem, they are not to spend an undue amount of time struggling unproductively.  If they are truly stuck, they are to skip it, complete the assignment, and either come back to it later, or save it for going over in class. Odds are some other student(s) will be struggling with the same problem as well. I provide an opportunity to go over such problems before we check the assignment.

~ Carrie and India