Ridgeline Middle School STEM News 10/24

posted Oct 25, 2018, 1:53 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Schoolwide Announcements

Lifetouch Picture Day –  Ridgeline’s Picture Day was Wednesday, October 24. Lifetouch order forms were sent home last week. If you didn’t get them in on time, you may still order photos online at Lifetouch. If your child missed picture day, retakes will be on Wednesday, November 28.


MOD Pizza - Our first restaurant fundraiser of the school year is coming up on Monday, October 29th. Bring in the flier (attached in your recent Ridgeline e-news) and MOD Pizza will donate 20% of your purchase to Ridgeline.

Family Conferences - Family Conferences are Thursday, November 8 and Friday, November 9th! We are excited to connect with you regarding your student’s progress.  Ridgeline highly recommends student attendance and participation during conferences. We also acknowledge that some conversations are best to have without the student present. Conferences will begin promptly with whomever is present and end at the scheduled time. Click HERE to sign up.  These are no school days.


Science - We have been investigating the relative heat capacity of water compared to land, reflection vs absorption of electromagnetic energy, and the processes of conduction, convection, and radiation. All this, in preparation to understand the processes driving Earth’s weather systems. The Project Based Inquiry Science textbook we are using in class is available digitally via the link provided in the Resources section at the end of this email.

Reflection Questions from this section:

Why is air over land warmer in the day than air over water?

-Students should refer to how water’s high heat capacity causes it to heat up and cool down more slowly than land.  

Which reflects more sunlight-dark soil or white sand? Green grass or a blacktop street? Why?

-How are conduction, convection alike? How are they different?

How does conduction transfer energy from hot substances to cold substances?

Math -  New students are adjusting well to our classroom math practices.  They are working well together in groups to solve problems and communicate their reasoning.  They are approaching concepts from many directions and in many ways in order to gain understanding of what they are actually manipulating when using math symbols to represent processes.  It is a joy to watch them gain understanding, and engage deeply with math processes. In order to understand and better support your student working in the CPM textbook, the “CPM Parent Support” link has been provided for you below.  

Warm Regards,

Carrie and India


Weather Watch Student Edition Digital Textbook


CPM Parent Support