Ridgeline Middle School STEM News 10/12

posted Oct 11, 2018, 12:56 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Schoolwide Announcements


Montessori Parent Education Night, Thursday, October 11 at 6:00

In this interactive workshop, families will learn about Dr. Montessori's Planes of Development. After a short presentation Dr. Casquejo Johnston, will facilitate a discussion/workshop.  Families will leave the workshop with an understanding of the planes of development, how they can support their children and practical strategies and supports to build a Montessori home.

Dr. Casquejo Johnston is the Program Director for the Montessori Teacher Education Program at Saint Mary's College of California which offers both and Early Childhood and an Lower Elementary/Upper Elementary credential.  She has experience every facet of Montessori life - student, parent, lower elementary guide, director(principal) and now program director. Her greatest joy has been raising her children in the Montessori way and watching them become thoughtful, purposeful young adults.  Sofia is in her second year of a masters program in counseling focusing on college student services and Ben is a junior in the sport business program at University of Oregon...Go Ducks!


You may have noticed that this year you are receiving a lot more communication regarding the importance of regular attendance.  This year we are beginning an attendance awareness campaign designed to increase awareness, educate, and ultimately improve student attendance at Ridgeline.  Good attendance is strongly linked to academic, social, and emotional success.

We believe that students and families that feel they are included in the school community are more likely to show up consistently

We believe that good attendance will allow your child to fully contribute to and fully benefit from the classroom community.  

We believe good attendance will not only build strong academics but also build strong socially and emotionally capable humans.

Thank you for learning and growing with us!


Science -

We are currently focusing our attentions on weather patterns in our investigations about how the earth and its organisms change over time.  This week we ask the question “Why are temperatures different near the coast and inland? In order to learn more about this phenomena we conducted a lab in which we compared the heating and cooling of sand and water over a span of time.  We analyzed our data, decided what was important, how to interpret it, if our results agreed with the body of research, and if our results were reliable. The answer was no to the last two concerns, and so we redesigned the experiment and will repeat it next week.  

Math -

Please support your students in completing math homework in the afternoon when their brain is fresh.  If students are stuck on a problem, they are to skip it and ask for help in class when we review homework.  

Jupiter Grades

Opportunities to turn in assignments are provided by the middle school team on a daily basis. If a student has a  / in the gradebook, it means that the work is missing. If there is a marked absent (abs) in the gradebook, the student is to check in with an adult to discuss how to make up the assignment.  Math and science curriculum build. Each assignment addresses key concepts required to understand successive assignments. Missed assignments are to be made up by the end of the week unless agreed upon otherwise. Opportunities to turn in late work are offered daily before school, during break, lunch, during silent reading/study hall,  and after school.

We welcome questions and communications from parents.  As you sit down with your student to go over progress, help them craft questions on points of confusion and create positive plans for action. Send them to us with these questions and plans as much as possible.  Thus they have the opportunity to exercise initiative, independence and self-advocacy. Our program is a safe place to practice these essential skills.

Volunteer Opportunities


Thank you to the parents who volunteer on Fridays, so our students can pursue their interests all over campus. Thank you to those who volunteered to shop for cookie crew, do class laundry, and to Saeed Motahdi for making our gorgeous new classroom cubbies!!

You all make a big difference in our community!

Cheers to the return of rain, tea, and boot weather!

Carrie and India