Jon's Weekly Update 9-29-17

posted Sep 29, 2017, 12:20 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Fri, Sept 29                                     Jog-a-Thon!
Tues, Oct 33:15-4:15pm               TRUE Rehearsal
Thurs, Oct 53:15-4:15pm             TRUE Rehearsal
Sat, Oct 7, 12pm                              TRUE Alumni Performance, Spencer Creek Grange
Fri, Oct 13                                       NO SCHOOL Teacher Training
Mon-Tues, Oct 30-31                      NO SCHOOL: Conferences
Fri Nov 17, 7pm                              TRUE Performance, Barnes and Noble Bookfair
Sun, Dec 104:00-4:40pm              TRUE Performance, Beer Garden--Opening for 'Olekona

Dear Middle School Family,

We're wrapping up the Warm-Up Cycle this Friday. Deep breath. Let it go. We won't accept work from the Warm-Up Cycle after Friday. It's okay. This Cycle was practice. Don't panic. This is part of the learning process.

On Monday, each student is going to look back at the Warm-Up Cycle and what they got done. And what they didn't get done. They're going to do a reflection about how they used their (plenty of) time, how they could spend it better, and what help they need to make it happen. 

We start fresh on Monday. This is a good Life Practice: Define your Self four weeks at a time. Pay attention to your Actions. Forgive your Mistakes. Get Up and Act in a way that better aligns with the Human you Want to Be. 

(Please forgive my Emphatic Capitalization.)

Rosetta Stone!
Your student can go as crazy with their chosen language as they want. We're only setting aside 45 minutes twice a week. Rosetta Stone recommends this amount of time 5 days a week! If you want to help super-charge your students' foreign language study at home, please do. They can do it with the speaker and microphone built into most computers. It may work better with a headphone/microphone headset...

Here's the link:

Room Parent Team
We still need at least one parent to help us organize parents. Help!

Have a great weekend!