Jon's Weekly Update 9-28-12

posted Oct 1, 2012, 10:39 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Middle School Family, 
Ukuleles! I am floored by how quickly, and eagerly, these kids are picking up the ukulele. Maggie Matoba came in last week to present us with the ukuleles that Mele Ohana's "Ukes for Kids" programs awarded us this year. Ten concert ukuleles with gig bags! They're beautiful, and they sound great. We are so grateful to Mele Ohana for supporting our program for the second year in a row. We never would have gotten started without their support! 

Better yet, Maggie stayed to 'jam' with the kids, and teach us a trick or two. Maggie couldn't believe how far we'd already come in just two weeks! For our morning warm-up, we've been using the twelve bar blues progression she taught us. Good stuff! (It's just going to get better.) We play music every morning (except Friday) from 8:40-9:10. Pop in and check us out! 

On the weekend of Saturday, October 20,
Uketoberfest hits Eugene. The Festival starts on Friday, but on Saturday, they have a special workshop schedule for kids. It's only $10 and includes a t-shirt! It's a blast! There's even going to be an open mike on Saturday! Hope to see some of the kids there... 

Speaking of fun! we started Grading Cycle 2 this week. Grades are reset every Cycle (there are ten Cycles in the year). Their Semester and Final Grades are cumulative, however. It's best to start strong! Accountability! Responsibility! Integrity! These are three of the most important qualities, most important habits, we need to reinforce in these developing adults to support their future success. 

Please log in to Jupiter Grades, using the link I sent you, and check up on your student's progress. If you care about whether your student is doing their school-work, so will they. The sooner the better. Please contact me ASAP if you need help with this! I can not underline and emphasize enough the importance of your interest and support .   

Assignments can be made up until the end of the Cycle. A zero for an assignment while the Cycle is still current is NOT final--it's an invitation for a conversation. However, I will not accept make-up work after the Cycle ends. Let it go! Grades reset! We need to work in the present as much as possible. 

Speaking of possibility! we need some help with our Occupations classes, starting October 15. We are trying to pilot a school lunch program (initially one day/week, run by the middle school), organize the middle school library for checkout, coordinate an outreach program into the Assisted Living Facility next door, and design and build an Outdoor Classroom in our North Field with UO architecture students this year. There are so many cool, fun, life-changing ways you can participate. Long-term, short-term commitments... Expertise, materials, connections... We need them all. 

Communication is everything. Call me. E-mail me. Keep in touch! 

We're in this together,
Jon and Carrie