Jon's Weekly Update 9-25-17

posted Sep 25, 2017, 1:52 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Tues, Sept 263:15-4:15pm            TRUE Rehearsal/Performance at Laughing Planet Ridgeline Fundraiser!
Wed, Sept 276-7pm                       Middle School Class Meeting: Start in Carrie's Room!
Thurs, Sept 283:15-4:15pm          TRUE Rehearsal
Tues, Oct 33:15-4:15pm               TRUE Rehearsal
Thurs, Oct 53:15-4:15pm             TRUE Rehearsal
Sat, Oct 7, 12pm                              TRUE Alumni Performance, Spencer Creek Grange
Fri, Oct 13                                       NO SCHOOL Teacher Training
Mon-Tues, Oct 30-31                       NO SCHOOL: Conferences
Fri Nov 17, 7pm                              TRUE Performance, Barnes and Noble Bookfair
Sun, Dec 104:00-4:40pm              TRUE Performance, Beer Garden--Opening for 'Olekona


Dear Middle School Family,

We're getting down to business this week. Our first major project this year is going to be climate change. We're all swimming in the same atmospheric soup. We're going to dig deep into the science and the social implications and controversy. Most importantly, we're going to Take Action. Personal actions have a tiny impact. One hour with the lights off makes little difference. Multiply that by 1 billion, however... We're going to get Socially Active with our Actions.

Jupiter Ed and Accountability
You will literally be able to help oversee all of the school work your student is responsible for. Shortly after you receive this e-mail, you will receive an e-mail with a quick link to your personal log-in to your student's account. All of our assignments are logged, and your student's progress recorded in Jupiter Ed. They'll turn in much of their work here, as well. 

Most of their assignments for Communications and Humanities will be completed using Google Docs. Even if their work is "in progress," they can show it to you at home. Please help us hold your student accountable to complete their work. I work very hard to make sure the work we do is meaningful, productive. Every exercise they engage in is carefully planned to support their success as an effective communicator. There is no "busy work." Even the "fun stuff" is learning in disguise.

Woodshed Ukulele Practice
Almost half the class is learning to play the ukulele this year. I used to "force everyone to do it, whether they wanted to or not." Many students surprised themselves with their love for making music when I did it this way. The thing I like least about doing this as a twice a week elective is that it feels like something extra. Instead of something, like writing, that humans should learn how to do. Please encourage your kid to practice practice practice. Learning to play music is literally the most powerful tool for building students' self-esteem that I've ever witnessed. 

I practice, when I'm learning a new song, in my classroom, after hours, when no one is around to judge me. It helps me let go of my inhibitions and take risks. No one can hear me! My son closes his bedroom door and the world fades away. Help your kid find a safe way to take risks in their musical journey. Encourage them! (And don't insist they play for you just yet...)

Room Parent Team
We're still in need of a Room Parent Team we can count on to help the extra events, like Jogathon and Adventure Trip get done. It's even more critical this year with such a large group split between two classrooms. Help!

Your kids are feeling more comfortable, and showing their TRUE SELF more each day. It is a glorious thing to experience.

Thanks for sharing your kids with us.
Jon and Maizzy