Jon's Weekly Update 6-5-17

posted Jun 5, 2017, 2:40 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Middle School Family,

Today is Friday.

On Monday, we will leave on our Adventure Trip! 

Please have your student to school by 8:40am, as usual. We will do a gear check, and load up the vehicles with gear. We hope to get on the road by 9:30am. We're not going to sweat it if we run a little late. 

Please pack a lunch for your student for Monday!

I've attached the gear list, in case you lost it. Of particular importance is the mesh bag and the plate/cup/fork/spoon. We will not bring extra dishware. We will have a cleaning station for every meal and will sanitize all dishware. We will have a line up for everyone to hang up their mesh bags with dishware to dry. You can get the bags cheap at TrueValue, or you can buy a cheap mess kit at REI or Walmart.

The weather is predicted to be (and I quote Accuweather) "Sunny and delightful." We will have sunscreen, but you know your kid best. Please send them with the clothing and protection they need to be comfortable. Also be sure to send a raincoat, because we'll be in the mountains, and you never know.

Please send only healthy snacks, but send your child with snacks. We will feed them three meals a day, but it's impossible for us to manage snacks/likes. We're going to be very active. I guarantee we won't be able to feed some of these growing, active teenagers enough. Snacks!

We will have access to clean drinking water and flush toilets! Please make sure your child brings a water bottle or a water pack. I recommend bringing a pack of "wet-wipes" or hand sanitizer, just to keep things clean.

One of the activities students will have to choose from is Disc Golf! If your student wants to participate, they must bring their own discs, or disc. They don't have to be disc golf specific discs. Any old frisbee works. Play it Again Sports has all kinds of discs.

You may hear from one of us again this weekend. Please ask questions sooner rather than later!