Jon's Weekly Update 5-25-17

posted May 26, 2017, 11:04 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Thur, May 25, 3:15-4:15pm               ** LAST TRUE Rehearsal**
Sat, May 27, 12pm                              TRUE PERFORMANCE: Spencer Creek Grange
Fri., June 2                                           Move UP Day 
Mon, June 5-Thurs, June 8               Adventure Trip 2017
Fri, June 9                                          **NO SCHOOL--Middle School ONLY
Tues, June 13, 5:30pm                        TRUE PERFORMANCE: Ridgeline Picnic!       Thurs, June 15, 6-8pm                       8th Grade Graduation
Fri, June 16                                          Last Day of School
Sat, June 17, 1-3pm                            TRUE PERFORMANCE: Harlow Neighborhood Block Party

Dear Middle School Family,

The days are winding up! I've been so proud of how seriously the students have been working on their tests. I've been even more impressed by how supportive they've been of each other in maintaining a "best work environment." Most students will finish by this Friday. We have until the end of next week for students who were out sick this week, or who are taking extra care to finish.

Adventure Trip 2017
The Adventure Trip Permission slips were due today. (I've attached it to this e-mail)  Your student MUST have it in by tomorrow, Friday, May 26, or they will not be able to join us on the trip. We are meeting as a team Friday afternoon to finalize the MASSIVE binder of paperwork we need to compile to be able to do these trips, and organize the final details for the trip. It's going to be AMAZING!

If your student doesn't join us on the trip, they must still attend school. We will make arrangements for them to stay in another classroom, and we will provide a packet of school work for them to complete during the classroom's work periods.

Please contact me or Carrie right away if you have any questions. 541-681-9662

Move Up Day
Next Friday, June 2, the 8th graders will be house-partying it up at the Matsuno's home. We'd like to extend our gratitude to the Matsuno family for making the day special for our 8th graders. Please encourage your student to be extra courteous and respectful.

The 7th graders will be hiking up to Mt. Baldy again this year with the up-coming 6th graders. So far, we have 6 volunteers from the 6th grade families. I'm really hoping we can get a couple of 7th grade parents to join us on the hike. 

The hike is about 6 miles round-trip from Ridgeline. It's mostly shaded. We need you to be in Jon's classroom no later than 9:10am. We'll be back by 1:15pm. It's a lot of fun...

Love and appreciation,
Jon and Maizzy