Jon's Weekly Update 5-11-18

posted May 11, 2018, 11:56 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Mon, May 14, 3:15-4pm               Global Studies Project Fair, Jon and Maizzy's Classroom

Fri, May 18                                    Dance-a-thon 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Sat, May 19 3-5:30pm                    TRUE Performance: Student Uke Jam, Whirled Pies 
Sat, May 26 12pm                         TRUE Performance: Growers' Market, Spencer Creek Grange 
Mon, May 28                                  NO SCHOOL: Memorial Day
Tues, May 29                                  State Testing Begins
Fri, June 1                                      Move-Up Day Hike **Volunteer Opportunity!
Thurs, June 7, 6-8pm                    8th Grade Graduation
Fri, June 8                                      NO SCHOOL: Grading Day
Mon-Thur, June 11-14                  Middle School Adventure Trip 
Thurs, June 14                               Last Day of School
Sat, June 16, 3-4pm                       TRUE Performance: 2nd Star Festival Dorris Ranch
Sat, July 14, 1:30-2:15pm             TRUE Performance: Oregon Country Fair, Youth Stage

Dear Middle School Family,

This was a terrible week for me to get sick, I tell you what. It's been very humbling, and also very grounding and reassuring. We've done a great job setting up systems and expectations in our classroom, and the students really stepped up this week to make it all work out without me. 

I'm especially proud of, and grateful for Maizzy's work this week guiding the students through this final, stressful process of piecing their projects together. The projects will be ready to go for Monday's Mini Global Studies Project Fair.

Here are the details again. The students are very proud of the hard work and learning that they've put into these projects. I hope you can come in and witness it first hand.


Global Studies Project Fair
We are in the midst of our final big project of the year for Global Studies. Each student identified a current issue or topic of deep personal interest and international importance. They have spent the last couple of weeks doing research to better understand the historical and cultural context behind their story. This week, they're putting together the pieces in a formal "Position Paper." Once their papers are completed this week, they'll be putting together a three panel project display board, telling their stories, and inspiring action.

At the end of next week, we will have a mini Global Studies Project Fair, displaying their project boards for the class, and discussing them in small groups. We'd like to make the Project Fair open to parents on Monday, May 14 after school until 4pm. We hope you can make the time to attend. It will be a powerful experience.


8th Grade Graduation Slideshow
Deadline for the 8th graders' photos are due May 15. SOONER IS BETTER!
Here are the instructions:
1. Please choose 10 pictures of your child to include in the slideshow, preferably chronologically from baby to present.
2. Digitize the photos (if not already digitized).
3. Rename the files in order with your student's name, and the order the photos occur chronologically (Jon1, Jon2, Jon3, etc.)
4. Upload your photos to this album:

That's it!  We'll add some more of the whole group from events at school.  
Please rename the files correctly.  We want to be able to easily sort them by student.


Take care, and stay healthy! We have a lot of fun and action planned for these last few weeks of school.

Jon and Maizzy