Jon's Weekly Update 5-11-12

posted May 11, 2012, 12:10 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Middle School Family, 
Our Canopy Connections trip was amazing because our students made it amazing. We were wet. We were cold. We were determined to learn and have a great time. We did. Thanks again to Boaz and Chuck for helping us get the kids out there, and for joining in.   

Friday, May 18th: Uke Performance at Hodgepodge on West 11th. We're on at 6:15pm. Show up no later than 6:00pm. We're one of 4 schools performing. Please cheerfully INSIST that your student participate. 

Friday, May 18th: JOG-A-THON! Packets have already gone home. Please encourage your student to drum up some sponsors, and more importantly, to participate in this fun event. I'm going to be running right along with them! 

Tuesday, June 5: Field Day. Middle School is running the show again. This would be a great way to rack up some last minute hours towards your 40. 

Thursday, June 7, 6:30-8:30 pm: 8th Grade Graduation. The students want to do a barbecue/shared meal/ceremony. Volunteers to help make this happen?
Monday, June 11-Thursday, June 14: Adventure Trip to Opal Creek. 

We're wrapping up our final round of OAKS testing next week. I'm happy to report that our students are doing remarkably well. They've been working hard this year, and it shows. 

Our BANDS (small, primeval tribes) are getting organized these days. We started the Hunger Game a couple weeks ago (a fun simulation I'm creating to help the kids sort out how to manage limited resources). This week, students had to choose a form of government to organize their growing BAND. We have a Republic, a Socialist State, a Monarchy, and a Totalitarian State. Negotiations should be interesting! (Please note: The Hunger Game should not be confused with Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games.) 

We're wrapping up big projects and simulations for science and social studies over these next few weeks of school. Our math and language routines will continue, as usual. Please encourage your students to keep up their good work all the way to the finish. 

Have a great weekend.
Jon and Carrie