Jon's Weekly Update 4-4-12

posted Apr 4, 2012, 11:10 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Middle School Family, 
Welcome back from Spring Break! This is the homestretch. We have a TON of cool stuff going on to finish off the year. 

We're making some shifts in our daily work routine. Math will continue at its regular, steady pace. (It's paying off!) We're going to write a lot more this Spring, including daily, directed, journal entries to build to some bigger writing projects. We're going to make a side-shift in our Science curriculum towards Environmental Science to support our trip to the Old Growth Canopy on May 3rd, and our Adventure Trip to the Opal Creek Wilderness the last week of school. (More on these trips in a minute...) 

The most notable change in our routine, though, is your student is going to commit to spending at least 45 minutes a day at school working on a Personal Action Project. It can be anything from wood-working to computer programming to gardening to fiction writing. They are going to commit to some craft, and we are going to work on developing the skills it takes to master pretty much any craft. Goals, practice, milestones, routine, flexibility, persistence... They're going to need a lot of support from home to feel successful with these projects. Watch for check-in reports that you need to sign, and ask lots of questions! 

April 17:
Oregon Children's Choral Festival (75% of the Middle School Students are participating!) 
April 21:
University of Oregon Science/Invention Fair (Most of our students are participating)
May 3: Canopy Connections-Field-trip to the Old-Growth Canopy--Parent Drivers needed! Help!
May 18: Jog-a-thon
June 5: Field Day (Hosted, organized, and run by the Middle School)
June 7: 8th Grade Graduation--Parent Planners needed! Help!
June 11-14: Adventure Trip to
Opal Creek Wilderness--Parent Planners, and Drivers/Chaperones REQUIRED. 

The Adventure Trip is in jeopardy of not happening. Right now, we have two committed parent volunteers (Jon is one). We absolutely need two more volunteers to join us on the trip. Ideally, in addition to one or two planning meetings before the trip, the committed parties would be willing to join us on the trip from Monday, June 11-Thursday, June 14. Contact me ASAP if you are interested. 

So glad to be back!
Jon and Carrie