Jon's Weekly Update 4-11-16

posted Apr 11, 2016, 9:14 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Tues, April 5, 3:15-4:15:                   TRUE Rehearsal

Thurs, April 7, 3:15-4:15:                 TRUE Rehearsal

Sat, April 9, 5-5:30pm:                     TRUE PERFORMANCE: Park St. Cafe (No Cover)

Sat, April 9, 7-8pm:                          TRUE PERFORMANCE: Cozmic Pizza ($5 suggested donation for parents)

Tues, April 12 3:30-5pm                   South Eugene High School Registration!

Tues, April 12, 3:15-4:15:                 ***NO TRUE Rehearsal***

Thurs, April 14, 3:15-4:15:               TRUE Rehearsal

Fri., April 15, 6-9pm                          Middle School Dance

Tues, April 19, 3:15-4:15:                  TRUE Rehearsal

Thurs, April 20, 3:15-4:15:                TRUE Rehearsal

Fri-Sat., April 22-23: ALL DAY:      PeaceJam Conference at UO (Self-selected 8th Graders)

Tues., April 26, 3:15-4:15 & 6-7pm  Ridgeline Project Fair

Thurs, April 28, 3:15-4:15:                TRUE Rehearsal

Sat., May 7, 2-3pm                             TRUE PERFORMANCE: Junction City (No Cover)

Wed., May 11, 6:00-6:30pm              TRUE PERFORMANCE: Sam Bond's Garage (Opening for Emi Sunshine!) ($5 Cover for parents)

Sat., May 14, 4:30-7pm                      TRUE PERFORMANCE: Cozmic Pizza Student Uke Jam (No Cover)

Thurs., May 19, ALL DAY                7th Graders: Canopy Connections; 8th Graders: Tree to Tree

Mon., May 31-June 9                         Middle School Smarter Balanced Testing

Sat., June 4, 11:30-12:30pm              TRUE PERFORMANCE: Spencer Creek Grange (No Cover)

Thurs, June 9, 6:30-8:30pm              8th Grade Graduation

Mon, June 13-Thurs, June 16           Middle School Adventure Trip--Florence

Sat., June 25 Time TBA                     TRUE PERFORMANCE: Em's Stadium


Dear Middle School Family,

The rest of the school year is going to go by in a blur.  I will send a separate e-mail to TRUE participants with details about the added performances (including the Em's game on June 25!).  Please mark your calendar and come out and support the group at some of our performances.  The students have gotten quite spectacular.

I need to put some important details on your radar.  Please keep this e-mail for future reference.

I'll start with Academics:


The students are currently working on presentations about indigenous civilizations who flourished in the "United States" before the European colonists made their way to these shores.  Here's a clear timeline for these projects:

April 4-8: Research begun in earnest.

April 11-15: Initial Research complete by Tuesday.  Presentation crafting starts by Wednesday.

April 18-22: Presentation crafting is COMPLETED.

April 25-April 28: Presentations in Class.  5 Minutes MAXIMUM!  Live "Powerpoint" or video presentation.

We are going to be watching "Into the West" during the week of April 11-15 and April 18-22, during the Humanities work period.  During these two weeks, there will be no Article of the Week or Graph of the Week assignments, as the students will need their Study Hall period to work on their Humanities Projects.

To wrap up the Westward Expansion Unit, we're not going to do a Presentation Project.  We're going to put the Deep Reading skills and the Critical Writing skills the students have been honing to practice.  The students will do a "Performance Task," demonstrating their understanding of three perspectives on "Westward Expansion," and will write an argumentative essay, using the three articles (and maybe a couple of graphs) to support and legitimize their argument/ideas. 

It'll be a fun practical culmination and demonstration of all they've learned this year.  We're going to walk through the steps very carefully, with a lot of support.  It's going to take the entire three weeks of May 2 to May 20.  We'll escalate the Blog Project during this time, and let go of the individual Article and Graph of the Week assignments (because that's the work we'll be doing).


SmarterBalanced Testing

We knew it was coming.  It takes time.  We're going to save it for the very end of our academic year, and treat it as business as usual.

It's just academic work.  It will replace our morning work in Math, Science, Communications, and Humanities for the duration, starting May 31.  We will wrap up by June 9. No big deal.  

We'll continue our afternoon good work in Media Studies, Personal World, PE, and Music.

As the timeline gets clearer (when we start the testing), we'll fill our time between the test work with community service and play on and off campus.  Positive community work.


8th Grade Graduation

The Tradition continues, and it's going to be more imperative this year than ever to set the precedent.  We have 15 Graduates this year from Ridgeline.  Most of them have been with us since Kindergarten.  

Graduation is on Thursday, June 9, from 6:30-8:30pm.  (There's no school on Friday.)

This is a very special, very important event.  We put together an incredibly moving ceremony for our Graduates every year.  We need 7th grade parent volunteers to organize the ice cream sundae bar for the event, so Carrie and Maizzy and I can completely let that part go and focus on the Ceremony.  It involves organizing parents, buying ice cream, soliciting toppings from the families.  It's fun, and makes the transition from the formal Ceremony to the Student Showcase a fun social event.

Next year, we're going to have 28 Graduates!  We really need some folks to step up and help us keep this intimate and special.  Pay it forward.  Let me know, if you're interested.  This is something you want to be a part of, I guarantee it.


Adventure Trip

I've booked the campsite north of Florence.  It's HUGE and it's just us.  It also has a big, covered picnic shelter.  Rather than spend time in cars, we're going to keep it close.  (It also makes it easy for you to make a day-trip and join us for an activity, if you'd like.)  We're going to hike, and sandboard, and clean beaches, and comb beaches, and laugh, and play, and...  It's going to be unforgettable.  Again.

DATES: Monday, June 13, 8am to Thursday, June 16, 4pm.

COST: $60 

Current Chaperones: Ethan Lodwig, David Klausman, Jen Hornsby, Beth Straw, Mija Andrade

We would happily welcome one more parent to help make this super smooth.


TRUE Summer Rehearsals?

We have one performance booked already.  And I get calls to action all summer.  If you are going to be around this summer, and your student wants to continue playing through the summer, let's put something together.  I'd be willing to put together a low-cost summer program, if folks are interested.  Students who participate in the summer rehearsal program would participate in the Summer and early Fall concerts.  (Including the GrrrlzRock Concerts in November.)  Please let me know if you're interested, even if your student is graduating.  I'm capping participation at this year's graduates.

I'm thinking something along the lines of once a week, say a Wednesday from 11am-1pm.  It would be a good jumping point for the kids to spend the afternoon hanging out at the park, or something fun together in the afternoon. If you're interested, let me know ASAP, so I can work it into my summer plans.


Whew!  If you're feeling stressed out, reading this, imagine how Carrie, Maizzy and I feel!  I left out the field trips and Big small happenings in between.

Please help us out BEST by getting the necessary paperwork back to us as soon as possible.  Every cool thing we do outside of school requires so much coordination and preparation.  

Even if you can't join us on the Adventure Trip, we could sure use some help getting everything together before we go!  Please connect with me if you would like to help on the preparation end of the trip.

There is so much Awesome left in this school year!