Jon's Weekly Update 2-6-15

posted Feb 6, 2015, 10:31 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Friday, 2/6                                Cycle 4 Ends (All make-up work for Cycle 4 DUE)

Monday, 2/9                              Mazzi's Fundraiser

Tuesday, 2/10, 3:15-4pm         T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal

Thursday, 2/12, 3:15-4pm        T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal

Saturday, 2/14, 1pm                 Ukulele PERFORMANCE! Asian Celebration

Saturday, 2/14, 3:30pm             Ukulele PERFORMANCE! Mac Court, UO

Monday, 2/16                            NO SCHOOL- Presidents' Day

Friday, 2/20, 5-7pm                   Pasta Dinner (Ukulele Performance?)

****NOTE: (not-so) BIG LEAP IN TIME

Saturday, 5/9, 4-7pm                Student Uke Jam, Cozmic Pizza

Thursday, 5/28                         Canopy Connections Field Trip

Thursday, 6/4, 6:00-8:00pm    Eighth Grade Graduation

Mon, 6/8-Thurs, 6/11               Adventure Trip

Wed, 6/10                                 Last Day of School


Dear Middle School Family,


The students have been hard at work all week on their Africa projects and Science explorations.  We've lightened the load in other subjects, and tightened up the schedule this week to make time for them to do their best work on these bigger tasks.  I'll have the students write in their presentation time for their Africa Projects in their planners for next week, in case you'd like to come.  They'd love an audience!  


Life Science (From Carrie)

Last week, after reviewing some examples of land use and associated pollutants, we embarked on the first in a series of investigations exploring how scientists study water quality.  In order to research plant growth as a water quality indicator, we designed an investigation to determine how duckweed growth is impacted by the presence of various amounts of fertilizer in water.


Monday of this week, we began collecting data on our duckweed growth experiment. (Ask your kids what our dependent variable is.)  For the remainder of the week, we continued our scientific investigations of water quality with a lab focused on determining that visually indistinguishable liquids can have widely varying pH values.   

Fun Volunteer Opportunity!

There's going to be a ceramic plate for the Middle Schoolers to paint to be auctioned off at the Spaghetti Dinner.  I would really love for someone to take the leadership of this project of my plate.  If you have creative vision and can lead this jolly band of misfits to create something beautiful that someone will pay big bucks to take home for their very own, you are my new best friend.  (I will roast you coffee.)  


We can be flexible-ish about the time during the school day.  I'm not sure the deadline, but I'm guessing we need to have it done by the end of next week (February 13), so it can be fired in time for the 20th.


TRUE Rehearsals

Next week's Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals are mandatory for students who want to perform in our shows at the Asian Celebration at 1pm, and the UO's Mac Court at 3:30pm on Saturday, February 14.  Right now, a full 50% of the class is participating.  What!


Report Cards

Report cards will come home at the end of next week.  If you're impatient to know how your student is doing, please log in to Jupiter Grades right now.  There will be no surprises.  The only thing that will be more informative than what you can easily track in Jupiter Grades in real time is the "Progress Report" for math that will make it easier for you to track the math skills your student has mastered and is currently working on.


It's hard to believe we're half-way through the year.  The next four months are going to fly by. 


Have a great weekend.

Jon and Carrie