Jon's Weekly Update 12-4-17

posted Dec 4, 2017, 12:32 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Sun, Dec 10, 4:00-4:40pm               TRUE Alumni Performance, Beer Garden--Opening for 'Olekona
Friday, Dec 15, 11am-1:05pm          Star Wars Party
Mon, Dec 18-Tues, Jan 2                  NO SCHOOL: Winter Break
Wed, Jan 3                                         Back to School!

Dear Middle School Family,

The Climate Change projects are over. We're all heaving a sigh of relief. I'm extremely proud of the hard work most of the students put into deeply learning about their chosen specialty. It was exciting to help them struggle through putting their pieces together in small groups. 

"Three minutes maximum?! For the whole group of six to present?!"

Yes. Tell us what really matters. They did.

What was most interesting to me, through this whole process, is how much MORE concerned the students were about the very real environmental and humanitarian impacts that our overconsumption is causing worldwide. They could certainly imagine the future impacts of climate change on the livability of our planet if we don't change our behavior. But what  disturbed them most was the suffering and extinction we're causing right now, with our wasteful consumption.

After Winter Break, we're going to roll right into our weekly World News Shows. Things are going to get interesting. In the best possible way.

Over the next two weeks, we're going to do some more playful writing. If you can call Dystopian Fiction 'playful...' We're going to put their research to use in creating some doomsday scenarios in short scenes. It should be a lot of fun.

We're going to have a Star Wars Party on December 15. We'll watch the original Star Wars movie, Episode 4, in class, starting at 10:45am. I need a parent volunteer to pick up pizza and drinks from Costco and deliver them to Ridgeline by 12pm. Help! 

Costumes are highly encouraged.

It will be a great way to celebrate the hard work the students have been up to, and the progress they've made this year.

Jon and Maizzy