Jon's Weekly Update 12-21-12

posted Dec 21, 2012, 10:17 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Mon-Thurs, December 17-20: Joy of Sharing Food Drive
Tuesday, January 8, 3:15-4pm: Uke Group Rehearsal
Wednesday, January 9, 3:15-4pm: Uke Group Rehearsal
Thursday, January 10, 3:15-4pm: Uke Group Rehearsal
Thursday, January 10, 9:15-12pm: Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum (UO) Tour
Friday, January 11, 7pm: Ukulele Performance at Cozmic Pizza
Tues-Fri, March 19-22: MS Adventure Trip to the Snow! 

Dear Middle School Family, 
It's been a fun week of wrapping things up for the Winter Break. Cycle 4 ends on December 21. Grades reset after the break, and we start fresh. All make-up work for Cycle 4 must be turned in by Friday, December 21. 

Students' "Me Mobiles" turned out really neat. Each student presented their Mobile to the class before we hung them in the classroom. If you get a chance, you should stop by and check them out! 

We've found, once again, that big projects take a lot longer to put together than we'd anticipated. (And they don't always turn out like we expected.) We took the unfinished nature of our projects as a learning opportunity. Students presented their progress reports in a mini "Science Fair." We emphasized the process of their projects: Where'd they get hung up? What was difficult about it? What are their plans for completion or continued progress? They've taken on some complex projects. Most of the learning has been about the process of doing a project--a skill they'll continue to hone throughout the year. 

After-School Uke rehearsals are going great. We have a steady group of about 10 players. Please remember that your student must participate in 3 of the 5 after school rehearsals between last week and January 11. There are only 3 left! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when we get back from break. 

We have 7 ukuleles available for check-out. Parents need to sign a check-out agreement to do so. Please contact Jon for more details. 

We'd like to extend a BIG thank to Stan Micklavzina for putting on a Science Show for us this week. A holiday Light show, no less. It was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot about the way light works. 

We also wrapped up another round of Creative Expressions classes this week. Thank you to Rachael Carnes, Alaniya Patton for volunteering to lead Acting and Yoga this session. If you would like to share a creative talent, please let me know. Creative Expressions classes happen every Wednesday afternoon from 2:15-3:15. Sessions run 6 weeks, with a Showcase Event on the seventh Wednesday. Next session's options include: Choir, Fantasy Writing, Mask-Making, Cooking, Painting, Tai Chi, Drawing, Knitting, and Theater. Classes are generally capped at 8 students. 

Thursday, January 10, the week we get back from Winter Break, we're headed to the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum at the University of Oregon. We'll be participating in a guided tour of the museum, putting our Visual Thinking Strategies to work. We need two volunteers to join us on the field trip. The UO is paying for a bus to get us there, so we don't need drivers, just chaperones. Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to join us. 
Hope your Winter Break is full of family and fun. 
Until next year,

Jon and Carrie