Jon's Weekly Update 12-14-15

posted Dec 15, 2015, 1:10 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Wed., Dec. 16 Last Day to Turn in Late Work!
Fri., Dec. 18, STAR WARS PARTY!
December 19-January 4: NO SCHOOL--Winter Break
Tues, Jan 5: First Day BACK from Winter Break

Dear Middle School Family,
Wow. What a journey this first term has been. I am happy to report that Ridgeline's Middle School is still the place to Be completely yourself in all your dorky glory. It's something I take great pride in. It's the thing that matters most to me: we get to be Our True Self here. Which, for most of us, means we're trying a slightly different version of "Self" on from day to day. We're in progress. If we're doing it right, it takes a lifetime to get close to the Truth of our Self, to understanding who we truly are. This is a safe place to start this most important of Journeys.

This week, we're wrapping everything up for the first Trimester. Late work will not be accepted after Wednesday. None of it. We need to be able to get the grading done before the Winter Break. We're wrapping up the BANDS Documentaries this week, and there's little else happening, except Improve your Grade! work. Get it done!

We start fresh in January.

We're revamping the "Practical World" class on Fridays. We're going back to our "Studio" model of student explorations into projects of personal interest. It was an easy decision, frankly. We're working hard all week on fundamental academic skills. We need to dedicate time to the Work that makes us feel excited about being Human. Art, Music, Cooking, Acting, and Roleplaying games can be a massive part of our development as human beings. We need to choose to make these things a part of our lives.

Your student should have brought home a commitment form on Friday to discuss and plan with you. Depending on their project choice, it could be pretty simple. It's important that you know what they're up to, though, and that you approve of how they're choosing to spend this time on Fridays. Please talk it over with them and fill out the back of the form together.

The new Star Wars movie comes out this Friday, and as much as I wish I could take the whole class to see it... Many of them haven't even seen the first movie! We're going to fix that this Friday. We'll wrap up academic work on Thursday afternoon, and do Explorations on Friday morning until 10:45am. That's when we'll watch the first episode of Star Wars (technically the 4th Episode), and the party will begin.

I encourage everyone to dress in Star Wars costumes (a bathrobe or a karate gi work).

Is there a parent willing to pick up pizzas and drinks from Costco and deliver them around 11:30am on Friday?

May the Force Be With You this Holiday Season,

Obi Juan Kenobi

Jon Labrousse
Middle School Teacher