Jon's Weekly Update 12-14-12

posted Dec 14, 2012, 9:31 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Friday, December 14, 6-7:30pm: Ridgeline Talent/Untalent Show
Wednesday, December 19, 3:15-4pm: Uke Group Rehearsal
Mon-Thurs, December 17-20: Joy of Sharing Food Drive
Tuesday, January 8, 3:15-4pm: Uke Group Rehearsal
Wednesday, January 9, 3:15-4pm: Uke Group Rehearsal
Wednesday, January 10, 3:15-4pm: Uke Group Rehearsal
Friday, January 11, 7pm: Ukulele Performance at Cozmic Pizza
Tues-Fri, March 19-22: MS Adventure Trip to the Snow! 

Dear Middle School Family, 
It's official: We're headed to the snow for the Adventure Trip. Thank you Rozelle, Amary, Betsy, Chrystell, and Adrienne, for coming in on Wednesday to hash out the details. 

The dates are Tuesday-Friday, March 19-22. We'll do a gear check at school on Monday to make sure that everyone is adequately prepared for fun in the snow, and leave first thing Tuesday morning (9am). 

We'll be staying at the McKenzie River Mountain Resort. It is located in Blue River at milepost 40 on Highway 126. The owner is a former educator and gave us an excellent rate on 2 Bunk Rooms (A boys' and a girls' with separate bathrooms and showers.) We'll also have a full commercial kitchen and a large conference space for evening adventures on all four days. 

Here's a link if you'd like to check it out: 

Precise details for activities during the trip have yet to be determined, but we'll be 40 minutes from Hoodoo (Tubing!) and 15 minutes from White Ranch (sledding!). Cougar Reservoir, Blue River Reservoir, the McKenzie River Ranger Station, and the McKenzie River Trail are all right there, brimming with opportunities for outdoor fun. 

Best yet, when we get cold and wet, we get to go back to warm rooms, hot showers and beds! 

Right now, the cost, including activities, food, housing, and all bedding and towels, is about $125 per student. This covers 4 days and 3 nights. We'll be doing some fundraising to try to bring down the cost, and financial aid will be available.  

The foundation is in place. Now it's the details we need to take care of. This is where you come in! We need Volunteers to make this trip amazing. 
Chaperones/Drivers: FULL!
Jon Labrousse, Ken Rosemarin, Patrick McMullen, Chrystell Reed, Carrie Culliton, Adrienne Black, and Amary Taylor. This gives us plenty of transportation and supervision for students. Thanks! If you'd like to come, please do! (Please let me know.) The cost to stay overnight is just $27.25, including tax, per night. 

Food Donations/Menu:
Carrie Culliton is taking the lead on this. If you'd like to help coach students in calling and organizing donations, we could use the help. We need 1 Coach who can come in for two hours, or so, to help the students make phone calls, and 1 (or more) Pick-Up Person, who can drive around and pick up the donations. 

Winter Gear Closet Donations:
Betsy Brandenfels is taking the lead on this. We need to gather extra rain and winter clothing to make sure that A) everyone has proper gear, and B) we have backup gear with us if someone's clothes get wet, torn, etc. We need 1 Coach who can come in for two hours, or so, to help the students make phone calls, and 1 (or more) Pick-Up Person, who can drive around and pick up the donations. 

Fundraising: HELP!
We need a parent volunteer to help lead the students in their fundraising efforts.   

The kids (and Carrie and I!) are very excited about this trip. Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to help out. If there are other ways you'd like to contribute to the Adventure, please let me know! (We'll get started right after Winter Break.) 

One more week of school until Winter Break! 

Take care,
Jon and Carrie