Jon's Weekly Update 11-10-11

posted Nov 14, 2011, 10:42 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Dear Middle School Family,
We are wrapping up another Grading Cycle this week. Students are finishing a couple of big projects (mainly their Biography Videos and their "This I Believe" Essays). The two projects dovetail rather nicely. Their Biography videos required them to research and celebrate an American Hero, and explain why their actions are still important to us today. Their Essays required them to explore where their personal values come from, how they've been formed, and why they're important.

Our Heroes' Journey is afoot!

Remember: This is Character Education. These kids are making BIG decisions this year about who their Independent Selves will be. Please help me lift (and hold) the bar for them at every opportunity. Muscles (including brain muscles!) have to strain in order to grow.

We're steadily working in the Garden on Wednesday mornings from 11-12. If you have time to come out and help us, that would be great! The whole school could use it! (and it would mean that I could take more kids out into the garden).

We'll soon start our weekly work again with the City of Eugene's Stream Team to support native habitat restoration. More about that as details unfold.

All our students who completed the class requirements are now First Aid Certified. Thanks to Cyndy Meno for leading this fun and useful! class.

This week, Carrie and I are starting our Food Handler's Certification class. If you're interested in helping our students come up with Homemade Food Fundraisers, now would be a great time to check in! What a great opportunity to put some Algebra to work in the real world!

Ridgeline's Read-a-thon Kick-Off event is this Friday, November 18, at Barnes and Noble from 6-7:45pm. The Middle School is putting together poetry magnet boards this week, using our Personal Dictionary words. Help! if you can, cutting and pasting these things onto refrigerator magnets. If you have any of those cheezy ad magnets laying around (like on the front of your phone book), send them in! We're appropriating them for creative purposes!

Stone Soup is November 23. We're in the soup line at 1pm. Please bring in vegetables for chopping on November 22. We need everything! (except mushrooms). We also need large pots! knives! cutting boards! Please bring them in on the 22nd and help us chop it up!

So much great stuff going on!
Jon and Carrie