Jon's Weekly Update 10-25-16

posted Oct 25, 2016, 2:26 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Mon., Oct. 31 & Tues., Nov. 1     NO SCHOOL: Parent/Teacher Conferences
Tues, Nov.1 , 3:15-4:00:               ****NO TRUE Rehearsal****
Thurs, Nov. 3, 3:15-4:00:           TRUE Rehearsal
Saturday, Nov. 5, 5-5:30pm       TRUE Performance: Whirled Pies Downtown (8th and Charnleton)
Fri, Nov. 11                                   NO SCHOOL: Veteran's Day
Fri., Nov. 11 ALL DAY               TRUE Performance, Oregon School Board Association Conference, Portland + Portland Mini-Concerts
Fri, Nov. 18, 6-8:30pm                 Barnes & Noble Bookfair--TRUE + Performance
Sat., Nov. 19, 5-5:30pm               TRUE Performance, Axe & the Fiddle, Cottage Grove
Tuesday, Nov. 29, 3:15-4:00:       First ALL-IN TRUE Rehearsal

Dear Middle School Family,

Imagine you are your 13-year-old Self.  Think about what you cared about most.  Who did you hang out with?  What did you want to do with your time?  How important was your schoolwork?

Seriously.  Take a moment.  

Think of three people who you hung out with in middle school.  What stands out as important?  I grew up in the 80s, so D&D pretty much took over my free time, and Atari, and romps in the woods with bb guns, driftwood rafts in Oak Harbor...

Imagine your 13-year-old self when your teacher asks you: "What are the biggest Policy Issues that the Ridgeline Community needs to fix? And how would you fix them?"

Would you have identified the Drop-off/Pick-up situation at Ridgeline as a major issue?  Would you have demanded that the whole school is over-contributing to the landfill?  Would you have recognized our current systems for 'Grounds Maintenance' as "embarrassing?"  Would you have suggested that the Students needed a stronger Leadership presence in decision making?

I sure wouldn't have.  But your children did.  They're also going to create a checkout system for our Middle School Library.

Seriously.  Take a moment.

They're dead serious.  And we're going to invest serious time and work into understanding our current Policies, if they exist, around these issues, and how they're implemented, and how effectively.  They're going to interview the stakeholders.  They're going to comb the documents.

We're going to challenge the current systems and come up with proposals to make them work better.  The students have already identified that "Training people to participate in the systems" is the key to success.

Imagine your 13-year-old self with this kind of power.  Imagine how much better things will be if these Policy Issues are Actively Addressed.

Please check in with your student about our progress in the weeks ahead.  We're going to do our best, and we're going to need adult investment in this Democratic Process to ensure success.

Please support the Middle School Students in their leadership efforts.  Policy only works if we collectively act to support it.  Complaints don't make change.  Different, Positive Action makes change.

We're in this together,

Jon & Maizzy