Jon's Weekly Update 10-21-11

posted Oct 21, 2011, 8:59 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Dear Middle School Family,

Arrr! We hauled in quite an impressive load of booty for our Treasure Chest. Thanks to all of you who contributed! Super-Huge thanks to Village Health for their generous gift certificate donations! Thank you Margerert Desser for putting it all together! It looks downright bootyful!

Be sure and make time this Saturday to join us at the SouthTowne Shoppes for the Ridgeline Rising event from 11am-3pm. The Ridgeline Choir will be performing at 11:30. Most of your kids (and mine) are in the choir, so I'll see you there!

Fall Gardening?! You betcha! Last week, we harvested all the tomatoes, onions, zucchini and tomatillos we needed from the school garden to make a big batch of salsa. This week we gathered squash, onions, potatoes, and greens to make a huge pot of soup. HUGE thanks go out to our community neighbor, Barb Shaw, for organizing these opportunities for our kids. So much more to come from the garden. Please join us!

Academic work is taking off. In addition to the steady 'foundation skills-'work the students are doing, we've got some big projects going on:
This week, we're wrapping up our first round of "This I Believe," essays. ( We're going to record the students reading their essays to kick off some big, fun, performance projects with writing. Stay tuned for more info!
Students are gathering the raw materials (pictures, video clips, and information) to prepare the script for their American Hero video projects.
We're struggling with the meticulous nature of the Scientific Process. There are going to be (at least) bi-weekly labs, and reports, from here on out.
We're wrapping up First Aid next week. Cyndy Meno has done an amazing job of going deeper than your standard 'crash course,' with our students. Students who have done the required work will complete this course with First Aid and CPR certification.
Personal Action Projects are tough. And optional. I'm not going to make anyone do something they want to do.Electives started last Friday, and will continue on until Winter Break. Ukulele, Textiles, and Athletics! It's a good mix. The textiles group is creating Soap Scrubbies (Soap wrapped in woven wool), among other woven and crocheted goodies to sell as a fundraiser. Please send in bars of soap! to help us out. Also, all Textiles students need to bring in $1.00 to pay for a felting needle.

The students have started organizing a Winter Snow Fun trip out towards Hoodoo. The dates aren't settled yet, but we're probably looking at early December. It'll happen during the school week. We're trying to keep it as inexpensive as possible. Please think about joining us! We'll need at least 4 parent chaperones to make it happen. I'll let you know as soon as we have details locked in.

See you at the Ridgeline Rising event this Saturday!

Jon and Carrie