Jon's Weekly Update 10-15-15

posted Oct 15, 2015, 11:10 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Sat, Oct. 17:                       Outdoor Work Party

Fri, Oct. 30:                        NO SCHOOL - Conferences

Mon, Nov. 2:                      NO SCHOOL - Conferences

Tues, Nov. 3, 3:15-4:15:    TRUE Rehearsal

Thur, Nov. 5, 3:15-4:15:   TRUE Rehearsal

Fri, Nov. 6, 7-7:30pm:     TRUE PERFORMANCE; WOW Hall

Sat., Nov. 7, 6:30-7pm:     TRUE PERFORMANCE; Sam Bond's Brewery (by the Fed Bldg.)

Tues, Nov. 10, 3:15-4:15:  TRUE Rehearsal

Wed, Nov. 11                      NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day

Thur, Nov. 12, 3:15-4:15:  TRUE Rehearsal

Fri, Nov. 13, 6-8pm:          Barnes & Noble Book Fair--Middle School Ukulele Performance (Everybody who want to perform!)

Sat, Nov. 14, 6:00-7pm:     TRUE PERFORMANCE; Petersen Barn

Tues, Nov. 17, 3:15-4:15:  TRUE Rehearsal

Thur, Nov. 19                     ***NO TRUE Rehearsal

Fri, Nov. 20, 6:00-7pm:     TRUE PERFORMANCE; Friendly St. Market

Sat, Nov. 21, 5:00-7pm:     TRUE PERFORMANCE; Axe & Fiddle (Cottage Grove)

Mon, Nov. 23, 5-6pm:        TRUE PERFORMANCE; Cozmic Pizza

Tues, Nov. 24, 3:15-4:15:   TRUE Rehearsal



Mount Pisgah Field Trip! Wednesday, November 4, and Thursday, November 5.  8:45am-12:30pm. 

Once we wrap up these 1492 Presentations, we're going to start building 'primitive' eco-system-based mini-cultures.  Bands of people who live with the land.  We're going to split each Humanities group into 4 Bands, based on their living environment: Oak Savanna, River Basin, Mixed Forest, and Wetlands.  

The students will research their biome and come up with an 'academic' plan about how their Band interacts with the Land before the field trip.  Then we're going to go to Mount Pisgah to refine our facts, create maps, and interact with the Land itself to come up with a better understanding of what it would take to live comfortably in each environment with NO TECHNOLOGY!

Wednesday, I will take the AM Humanities Group.  Thursday, I will take the PM Humanities Group.  Both groups will go in the morning from 8:45-12:30.  Both groups will go by 4J Bus.

I am the ONLY adult from Ridgeline going.  Carrie and Maizzy have to stay back with the rest of the class.  I absolutely need no less than 3 adult volunteers to join us each day, or we can't go on this trip.  You'd be working with a group of 5 or 6 students, helping them achieve a clear list of goals in their Region.  Help!



The students began their "World in 1492" Presentations this week, and they are going very well.  It's remarkable how much the students have learned on their own, and it's kind of exciting to see all of the pieces come together.

Presentations will continue through Thursday, October 22, so our Humanities time will be filled with student presentations.  Communications work will continue to develop the students' sentence writing skills with some fun, independent writing activities to be completed during their Study Hall period.


MATH WITH JON (Carrie's Math Students please connect with Carrie)

If your student works with me for math, we are wrapping up our Fractions Review this week, and will start working in our regular math curriculum next week.  The math assignments will be in Jupiter Grades in either Pre-Algebra or Algebra.  Assignments are DUE on the Due Date in Jupiter Grades.  

We will go over each Math assignment together at the BEGINNING of class on the DUE DATE.

It is extremely important that your student keep up with their math work.  If they fall behind, it is very difficult to catch up with the rest of their small group.



Carrie and I have discussed and defined our Late Work Policy.  All work (other than Math) turned in by the end of the week will be graded by the end of the weekend, and be considered, "On Time."

If, for whatever reason, your student fails to turn in their Work the week it is Due, they have until the following Friday to make up the work and turn it in LATE.  We will NOT accept LATE Work that is more than a week old.  It's impossible for us to keep up with grading late work on top of keeping up with the students' current work.  Worse yet, it traps the student in a perpetually 'Behind' cycle, that's hard to break out of.  Cut loose and move forward.

If it's Missing in Jupiter Grades, it didn't get turned in.  If the Grade is blank, we haven't graded it yet.  If there is a zero for the grade, it can no longer be made up.

We're still setting aside time every Friday when students are told, coached, and guided to turn in their work.  Some of the students are still struggling to get things turned in!  Please help us emphasize the importance of turning in their finished work.  



As you noticed in the Calendar of Events, TRUE is booked SOLID through November.  It's a little overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

The TRUE performances in November are for 8th Graders and Alumni who have been rehearsing on a regular basis, and performing through the summer together.  We're playing songs the 7th graders are nowhere near ready to play.  You should definitely come out and support the band!  We've been working really hard to put together a fun show.

 Our first Everybody! Concert will be at the Barnes and Noble Bookfair on Friday, November 13.  This performance is open to everyone who wants to participate.  We're working on 3-4 songs in class for this event, and we're going to let it all hang out.  

Next week, a "Commitment Letter" will be coming home for students who want to participate in TRUE this year.  As I mentioned, there will be a $200 fee for the entire year (monthly payments and scholarships available) for participation.  Rehearsals for new TRUE members start on Tuesday, November 3.  3:15-4:15pm is the commitment, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Hope I'll see a bunch of you at Ridgeline this weekend, helping us get the path laid through the garden beds to the Outdoor Classroom.  Exciting stuff!