Jon's Weekly Update 1-30-15

posted Feb 2, 2015, 11:52 AM by Cynthia Friedman

Tuesday, 2/3, 3:15-4pm           T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal

Thursday, 2/5, 3:15-4pm         T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal

Thursday, 2/5, 6:30pm             Pre-Lottery Informations Session: New Middle School!?

Friday, 2/6                                Cycle 4 Ends (All make-up work for Cycle 4 DUE)

Monday, 2/9                              Mazzi's Fundraiser

Tuesday, 2/10, 3:15-4pm         T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal

Thursday, 2/12, 3:15-4pm        T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal

Saturday, 2/14, 1pm                 Ukulele PERFORMANCE! Asian Celebration

Saturday, 2/14, 3:30pm             Ukulele PERFORMANCE! Mac Court, UO

Monday, 2/16                            NO SCHOOL- Presidents' Day

Friday, 2/20, 5-7pm                   Pasta Dinner (Ukulele Performance!)

****NOTE: (not-so) BIG LEAP IN TIME

Saturday, 5/9, 4-7pm                Student Uke Jam, Cozmic Pizza

Thursday, 5/28                         Canopy Connections Field Trip

Thursday, 6/4, 6:00-8:00pm    Eighth Grade Graduation

Mon, 6/8-Thurs, 6/11               Adventure Trip

Wed, 6/10                                 Last Day of School


Dear Middle School Family,


We're wrapping up Cycle 4 on Friday next week.  Please encourage your student to look into Jupiter Grades and use the no school day this Friday to complete any make-up work they need to get done.  We will accept late work for Cycle 4 until the end of the school day, Friday.


Another good use of the day off would be to head to the library to complete their research for their Africa projects.  The research phase of their projects was supposed to be completed by the end of this week.  They'll be spending a good chunk of their time in class next week processing their information into a presentation for the class.  They have 10 minutes maximum for their presentation.  You laugh, but student presentations have gone as long as 30 minutes! 


Students will sign up for presentations on Monday.  Presentations will happen during the week of February 9-13.  If you'd like to be there, we'd love for you to be there.  We'll do three in the morning 9:30-10:15ish, and three in the afternoon, 12:45-1:30ish, each day that week.  


Report Cards

It's hard to believe we're already halfway through the school year.  Middle School report cards are going to come home a week later than the rest of the school.  I've divided up the school year into Seven Cycles.  Seems like an odd number, but so is the holiday schedule.  I was more concerned about closure for the long breaks, and having each Cycle be roughly even, 22-25 days each.


Report Cards will reflect your student's work and progress for the first 4 Cycles.  They'll come a week later, because I want to give the students a chance to complete make-up work for Cycle 4.  We've had a lot of sick kids this Cycle!


Cookie Sales!

Holy chocolate chips, Batman!  We're finally getting the cookie company streamlined.  We sold 160 cookies this week!  The first two weeks paid for the ingredients, so this week's $80 was pure profit.  We're set with ingredients for the next couple of weeks.  We're going to start taking pre-orders, soon...  It's been a lot of fun to help the students troubleshoot and pull this off.


Science Grant!

I wrote a grant earlier this year for science materials to support the Water Quality unit Carrie's teaching.  We got it!  $625 for lab equipment.  Yay!


Middle School Information Session

I'm going to do a presentation about the Middle School program's evolution next Thursday as part of the Ridgeline pre-lottery session.  The pre-lottery session starts at 6:30pm.  I'll start my presentation around 7pm in the middle school classroom.  Depending on attendance and questions, etc., I expect it to go until at least 7:45, but I really hope we can wrap it up by 8pm.


Busy, busy,

Jon and Carrie


P.S. Here's the treat at the end of the weekly update: the link to videos of TRUE's smashing performance at Sam Bond's.