Jon's Weekly Update 1-20-12

posted Jan 23, 2012, 9:42 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Before I even start the weekly letter, please note: MONDAY, January 23, we will be doing community service work down at Tugman Park for close to 2 hours in the afternoon. PLEASE REMIND/SUPPORT YOUR STUDENT TO DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! If conditions are ridiculous, we won't go, of course, but rain won't be a deterrent.
Dear Middle School Family,
We're back in full swing this week!

We started our 'Essential Inventions' projects this week, and we're hard at work on developing our primitive societies in our BANDS project. We're working on understanding where the impetus for 'government' comes from. Our current social complexity didn't happen in an instant. Our basic, real human needs are still very basic, very simple. Right? This is good, rich, fertile ground...

Friday Electives are going great. Kids are cooking, felting, and focusing their bodies' physical energy in appropriate ways. We all love Fridays.

Oregon Battle of the Books has come to Ridgeline. Alaniya Patton and Jon are joining forces to coach our 6-8 grade team to love books! It's not required, but many students have signed up. This is our first year participating in this exciting state-wide, nationwide event. Check it out:

Tuesday-Thursday, March 20-22: COAST TRIP

We've decided to go to Honeyman Park in Florence for the Spring coast trip. We'll leave school at 9 am on Tuesday, March 20, and return to school on Thursday, March 22 in time for 3:15 pick-up. The cost per student is going to be $50 for two nights lodging, seven meals, snacks, and fun and learning. Partial scholarships will be available. Please contact Jon for more information.

We will need at least one male and one female adult chaperone to join us on this trip who can stay for the duration. We also need to be able to transport up to 20 kids. Jon can take 4; Carrie can take 6. If you're willing to drive kids out on Tuesday and/or pick up kids on Thursday, you could potentially save the trip. Let me know!

Friday, February 24, 6-8pm: Spaghetti Dinner/Ukulele Perfomance!
This should be a blast. It's a kick off for our Direct Donation Drive. Our Ukulele group (the whole Middle School!) will be performing our first gig.

Monday-Friday, June 11-15: Middle School Adventure Trip
The Middle School has also committed to hosting school-wide "Kids' Night In" events in February, March, April, and May for up to 50 Ridgeline Students (and their siblings, ages 4 and up--no diapers!). The middle school students will plan a fun-filled evening for our youngsters to hang out and play together. Participants' parents are not required to attend.

These Themed Kid Fun nights will be an on-going fundraiser for our Adventure Trip June 11-15. More details to come. We just wanted to let you know these Friday nights are coming. They'll be one Friday a month from 6-9pm.

More Dates:
We've got a puppet show coming in on Monday, January 23, and Alaskan Huskies on February 17. We start volunteer work in Tugman Park and Amazon Creek in February. Big stuff on the horizon.

The semester ends next Friday. I'll send home a printed copy of your student's Jupiter Grades report so far this year. I'll also send home a mid-term reflection report written by your student on the 16 Habits of Mind.

Jon and Carrie