Jon's Weekly Update 1-15-15

posted Jan 20, 2015, 9:05 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Monday, 1/19                         NO SCHOOL--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday, 1/20, 3:15-4pm        T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal (Mandatory)

Tuesday, 1/20, 7:00pm            Ukulele PERFORMANCE! Cozmic Pizza

Thursday, 1/22, 3:15-4pm       T.R.U.E.  Rehearsal (Mandatory)

Tuesday, 1/27, 6:30-7:30pm   Ukulele PERFORMANCE! Sam Bonds

Thursday, 2/5, 6:30pm             Pre-Lottery Informations Session: New Middle School!?

Saturday, 2/14                          Ukulele PERFORMANCE! Asian Celebration


Thursday, 5/28                         Canopy Connections Field Trip

Thursday, 6/4, 6:00-8:00pm    Eighth Grade Graduation

Mon, 6/8-Thurs, 6/11               Adventure Trip (Proposed)

Wed, 6/10                                 Last Day of School


Dear Middle School Family,


I promise: ukuleles aren't the only thing happening in the middle school right now.  It's just that we're right in the thick of performance season and we've just started after-school rehearsals.  Yikes!


Eugene/Springfield MLK Day March, PK Park: Monday, January 19, 9am-12pm

There may be no school on Monday, but Real Life is what school is supposed to prepare our students to participate in.  Our deep learning about Africa this year is an intentionally anti-racist approach to education.  I'm not going to organize any formal gathering of our students for this inspirational, annual event, but I encourage you to participate with your student, if you're able.  I've attached a copy of the official flyer to this e-mail.  Parking is available at Serbu on Martin Luther King Boulevard.


(If you have twenty minutes to make your life better, please watch this TED Talk your student watched this week about by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, about the "Danger of a Single Story."  Super good stuff.)


Cozmic Pizza: January 20, 7pm

Our first official performance of the year will be next Tuesday (January 20) at 7pm.  If your student has been participating in after school rehearsals to perform with TRUE, please get them to Cozmic Pizza, uke in hand, no later than 6:45pm.  We're opening for the North Eugene High School Ukulele Orchestra as part of their big annual fundraiser.  (They always kick back a little bit of cash to Ridgeline, so please help them out at the door: $5 suggested donation.)


Sam Bonds: January 27, 6:30pm

Our next big gig is at Sam Bonds' new digs over by the Federal building.  The whole night is a Ridgeline fundraiser.  Go have dinner there!  Sam Bonds is donating $1 for every glass of beer or wine you purchase, so have a pint or two, (and bring some gallon jugs, or something, and fill them under the table for later!). 


Seriously, though, TRUE is going to play a half hour set at 6:30pm.  It'll be a fun show.  The middle schoolers have been working hard to get a 'Pro' set together.  After our debut at Cozmic Pizza, they're going to be super-primed for performance.


Pre-Lottery Information Session: February 5, 6:30pm

I will be presenting more information about the positive changes in Ridgeline's Middle School Program starting next year.  We are growing to 45 students next year, and 56! students the following year.  We've come up with some pretty innovative, definitely student-centered plans to adapt to the changes.  If it's anything like the RCO meeting, it'll be a packed house, so get there on time!  (Insider information: we'll start the Middle School presentation around 7pm in the Middle School classroom.)


Middle School Adventure Trip 2015: Monday, June 8- Thursday, June 11

Mark your calendar and arrange your plans.  We've booked the two group campsites we stayed in last year at Honeyman for our Adventure Trip this year.  And we already have parent chaperones for the trip!  We'll head out on Monday morning, June 8, and come back Thursday around noon, June 11.  I'll be sending out more information when we get closer to June.  


Have a great weekend,

Jon and Carrie