Jon's Weekly 10-6-17

posted Oct 6, 2017, 12:32 PM by Cynthia Friedman
Sat, Oct 7, 12pm                             TRUE Alumni Performance, Spencer Creek Grange
Fri, Oct 13                                       NO SCHOOL Teacher Training
Mon-Tues, Oct 30-31                      NO SCHOOL: Conferences
Fri, Nov 10                                       NO SCHOOL: Veteran's Day
Fri, Nov 175:15-6:30pm               TRUE Alumni Performance: City of Eugene's "Light Up Downtown" Celebration
Fri Nov 17, 7pm                              TRUE Performance, Barnes and Noble Bookfair
Sun, Dec 104:00-4:40pm              TRUE Performance, Beer Garden--Opening for 'Olekona

Dear Middle School Family,

Holy Climate Change, Batman! We've spent the last two weeks digging into three outstanding documentaries about climate change. 'Thin Ice,' 'Chasing Ice,' and 'Time to Choose,' in this order. Maizzy and I were just talking today about how one of them alone wouldn't have been enough. It's been incredible to watch the students move from befuddled concern, to clearer understanding, to "we need to do something about this!" 

Ask your student about it. I'm happy to say that they are all pretty determined that change starts at home, so get ready! In the next few weeks, we're going to research actions and options--for our selves, for our homes, for our school, and in our community--that will make a positive impact. We're going to make critical determinations about meaningful actions versus token gestures. It's going to be exciting to watch the research turn into real action.

Behind Schedule This Week
I was over-ambitious in what I thought we could get done this week. Our discussions about the documentaries took longer than I'd planned. The kids are outraged! We also took time in both sections to discuss the gun tragedy that happened in Las Vegas this week. We are so proud of these kids and the depth and sincerity of their care about the world they're inheriting.

I'm pushing all of the work deadlines for this week out to next week. We'll get caught up by Tuesday. I was heartened by how concerned most of the students were about getting everything turned in. They're taking their academic responsibility seriously! 

I reassured many of them, as I will reassure you right now: I will NEVER be unreasonable about deadlines. We will apply pressure to get their work done, and we will support the students' efforts. We will hold the bar of expectation for each student, individually, high. And my deadlines will often change as the reality of the week unfolds. 

Late Work Policy, in General
In general, we'll accept late work up to one week after the deadline. If students miss class, it's their responsibility to check in with Jupiter Ed, and then Maizzy or myself to figure out what they need to do to catch up with their work.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
The middle school has 51 students this year. Carrie and I split the conferences up. You should ONLY schedule a conference with your student's home room teacher. Your student's home room teacher is the teacher whose classroom your student eats lunch in. Click this link to schedule your conference!

Carrie and I are happy to schedule a meeting with you outside of the conference times to discuss subject-specific concerns. Just zap us an e-mail!

We're in this together,
Jon and Maizzy