Jon's Update 9-11-19

posted Sep 11, 2019, 10:42 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Important Dates
Tues, 9/17, 3:10-4:00pm        First TRUE Rehearsal
Wed, 9/18                               Picture Day!
Thurs, 9/19, 3:10-4:00pm      TRUE Rehearsal
Wed, 9/25, 6-7pm                   Jon and Carrie Class Meeting in Room 7    
Fri, 9/27                                 Jog-a-thon
Fri, 10/11                                **NO SCHOOL: State-wide In-Service Day
Thurs & Fri, 11/7-11/8            **NO SCHOOL: Conferences
Mon, 11/11                              **NO SCHOOL: Veteran's Day

Dear Middle School Family,

And, we're off! The first week of school was a smashing success. We bonded, we explored Eugene, we got soaking wet! It takes a lot of courage to come to a new classroom and put your whole self out there. This is one of the most "whole-self-out-there" groups we've ever had. It just gets better from here.

Monday, we rolled right into our academic work. We introduced the students to our organizational and grading systems, and eased them into the process for turning in assignments. The work load is pretty light this week, as we stir the students out of their summer slumber. 

Please be sure to join us in Room 7 from 6-7pm on Wednesday, September 25 for our classroom meeting. We'll be going over our program and systems in more detail. Here's a quick glimpse of what we're up to in class this week:

One assignment that will become a staple in their Communications work is the Article of the Week. Each week, the students will be assigned a news article that they will carefully annotate and craft a written response to. This introduction to academic writing requires them to state and explain an assertion made in the article, and then make and explain an assertion of their own, in response.

It's a growth process, to be sure. There's much to be learned to be successful at this important skill. It's why we invest the time individually conferencing with each student about their writing. Every week.

We take a project-based approach to studying Humanities. This year, our focus will be Global Studies. I'll send more information home about our progress as the projects develop over the next few weeks.

Jupiter Ed--Online Grading System
We use the online grading system, Jupiter Ed, to keep track of assignments and student progress. All of the necessary instructions and files are available for every assignment in Jupiter Ed. Your student can access them from any computer with an internet connection. So can you! I'll be sending you a separate e-mail shortly with your log-in information, so you can keep track of your students' progress. We do our very best to keep up to date on grading, so Jupiter Ed is a powerful communication tool for all of us.

It's going to be an action-packed year, and we're off to a smooth start. As bumps come up along the way, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are in this together!

All the best,
Jon and Maizzy