Jon's Update 3-11-19

posted Mar 11, 2019, 11:13 AM by Cynthia Friedman
ri, 3/15, 9am                   "We Are Neighbors" Theater Performance at Ridgeline 
Fri, 3/15, 6-8pm                Middle School Spring Formal Dance
Sun, 3/17, 3pm-4pm        TRUE Performance, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Fri, 4/5, 8:45-9:05am        All School Sing Along Assembly
Mon, 4/15, 1:30pm            TRUE Performance, Junction City Retirement
Thurs, May 16                  Field Trip: Canopy Connections and Tree2Tree

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Dear Middle School Family,

Despite the wild weather break, we are still on track to wrap up our Critical Issues unit before we go on Spring Break.We're in the process right now of coming to consensus about the most Critical Issues that we're facing as a citizenry right now: homelessness, poverty, gun control, climate change, racism... In the coming weeks, the students will work in small groups to dig deeper into their chosen Critical Issue.  We will work to better understand its impacts on us as a society, and what our government and 'We the People' are doing to improve the situation. It's pretty exciting, engaging work.

One of the most empowering things about the way we've structured the Humanities curriculum is the students are doing much of the thinking and learning work that teachers traditionally take on. The students are the ones making the critical decisions about what is important to learn and share. They're the ones who are processing and making sense of what they learn. 

In the coming weeks, the students will leverage their growing expertise about these topics to engage in academic dialogue with multiple, 'professional' perspectives on the issues.

Community Building in Upper El
For the rest of the term (until Spring Break), Maizzy will be stepping into the lead position in Jon's place. Jon will be supporting the Upper Elementary in Room 8, helping the students and their new lead teacher build community and get systems in place for the rest of the school year. Jon will be back in the Middle School on April 2. (TRUE rehearsals will carry on, uninterrupted.) 

Middle School Spring Formal Dance

The Dance Committee is excited to announce the Spring Formal on March 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  We are looking for a few parent chaperones to also attend. If you are interested, please email Rhonda Zimlich at (must be background checked with office). Also, we will need snacks and refreshments. If you can volunteer to provide chips, cookies, gluten free treats, that would be great. These items must be store purchased and packaged, not homemade. One last thing: we are also looking for white twinkle lights or holiday light strings. Lots of these are needed.  Please email Rhonda if you can provide any of these items. Thank you.

Take care,
Jon and Maizzy