Jon's Update 1-14-19

posted Jan 15, 2019, 9:20 AM by Cynthia Friedman
Thank you! 

On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 8:49 AM Jon Labrousse <> wrote:
Tues: 1/8:                          Term 3 (Second Trimester) Begins
Fri, 1/11:                           Trimester 1 Report Cards Sent Home with Students
Fri, 1/18, 5-5:45pm         TRUE Performs at the Home and Garden Show, Lane County Fairgrounds
Thurs, 1/24, 6:30pm         Middle School Information Session
Friday, 1/25, 6-8pm          Ridgeline Talent Show
Jan-28-Feb 14                   Planned Parenthood Teaches Health and Human Relations
Thurs-Fri, 1/31-2/1          NO SCHOOL: Optional Conferences
Fri. 2/15                             Term 3 Ends
Thurs, May 16                  Field Trip: Canopy Connections and Tree2Tree

Please add the Ridgeline Middle School Calendar to your Google Calendars!

Dear Middle School Family,

We're back! The students dove right into action on Tuesday morning, getting started on our US History Projects spanning from 1865 to 1990! We've broken the timeline into 25 year periods. The students will be working in groups of five to put together an overview of the most important People, Events, Innovations, Cultural Changes, and Policies in US History during those years. 

The tasks are being broken into very manageable individual chunks, and each student has clearly defined roles and individual responsibilities to complete their part of the project.

Jupiter Ed, Instructions, and Grading
All of the instructions, including details for how each assignment will be evaluated, for each step of the way are clearly laid out in Jupiter Ed. The links to all the documents they need can be found there, as well.

Maizzy or I conference with every student, one on one, for nearly every assignment they complete in Communications and Humanities. We give them feedback and support, and the students have the opportunity to put the feedback to use and make changes to improve their grades. 

In order to take full advantage of our support, it's important that students stay on top of their work, and get things done in a timely manner, so they can conference with us before the deadline.We check in with students frequently throughout the process, and do our best to support students early in the process, as well. Please encourage your student to advocate for themselves and seek our support early on!

Health Guests: Planned Parenthood and Cahoots
Starting January 28, a teacher from Planned Parenthood will be coming in to teach the mandatory annual lessons on human health and development. Additionally, we have guests coming in from Cahoots to discuss mental and emotional health, and self-care. We'll be wrapping up this important health unit on February 14. Please contact Jon or Carrie if you have any questions.

We have a second batch of conferences scheduled for Thursday, January 31, and Friday, February 1. These conferences are not mandatory. We would like to reserve these 30 minute conferences for families who have specific concerns they would like to discuss with Jon or Carrie. If you would like to meet with both Jon AND Carrie, please sign up for the same slot with both of them. 

We will be reaching out to some families to request that they sign up to meet with us. If you feel that things are going smoothly, please enjoy the long weekend, and leave the slots for someone else. Please remember: Jon and Carrie will make time to meet with you throughout the school year; you don't have to wait for conferences. Please just send us an e-mail.

Intent to Return & Sibling Enrollment

It’s lottery season and we need to know your plans for the next school year.  Thursday morning you received an important “Intent to Return” email with links. Please read it thoroughly and complete the Intent to Return by January 18.  In order to qualify for sibling preference, you must complete the online enrollment application for any incoming sibling by January 31 (we encourage you to complete this as soon as possible).  Contact Jen Hackstadt if you did not receive the “Intent to Return” email.

Take care,
Jon and Maizzy