Carrie's Weekly Update 9-25-17

posted Sep 25, 2017, 1:49 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Middle School Weekly Update 9/22/17

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 26

Laughing Planet Fundraiser

Friday, September 29


Wednesday, September 27   

G.A.Y.L.E. Meeting 3:10-4:00pm

Wednesday, September 27

Middle School Class Meeting 6-7 pm

Wednesday, October 4   

Bike and Walk to School Day

Friday, October 13

NO SCHOOL – Statewide In-Service

Friday, October 20

Vision Screening

Wednesday, October 25

Picture Retakes


Jog-a-thon - Fundraiser packets came home last Friday.  Our middle school goal is to have 85% student return of the packet by the October 16th due date printed on the packet.  NOTE: It is NOT required that the student collect pledges in order to return the packet.

Picture Day – Ridgeline’s annual picture day with Lifetouch was Wednesday, September 20th. Picture Package order forms were sent home the previous Friday.   If your student was absent for picture day, or you do not like the photos, retakes will be available on Wednesday, October 25th.

Planned Absences - The text below is included in the 2017-18 Family and Student Handbook.   

Ridgeline urges families to plan vacations and travel to coincide with scheduled school breaks. Nationwide and schoolwide data show that a lengthy planned absence frequently leads to a student being chronically absent over the course of the year. While there are obvious benefits to travel, research consistently shows that chronic absenteeism hurts students academically and socially, and adversely impacts classroom communities. Parents are required to contact the school principal well in advance of any planned absence. If the absence is unavoidable, students will be asked to create a project, with the help of their family, to reflect on the time away from school and, hopefully, to share their experience with their classmates. Teachers may provide make-up work for students who take planned absences. The school is required to withdraw a student after any absence lasting 10 consecutive school days or more.   

Badges & Volunteering - Ridgeline policy requires all visiting non staff to sign in and obtain a badge at the front desk.  If you see an adult without a badge between 8:30am-3:05pm, kindly escort them to the front office where Cynthia or Jen will help them.


Science - This week in science, our Lab Activities continued to illustrate requirements for valid experiment design.  Here are some questions we explored:

  • How do you find the Best Value and the Uncertainty for a set of data points?  

  • What makes the design of an experiment good or poor? (hint: It has to do with whether it is a fair test or not.)

  • What were the manipulated and responding variables in the pendulum activity we did this week?

  • What were the manipulated and responding variables in the magnet activity we did this week?

Science Routine: In class Monday through Thursday, students conduct lab activities in table groups.  The students record their lab work in their corresponding Activity Record Sheet.  Almost all Record Sheets are followed by a Practice Sheet to be completed in class, or as homework.  Science grades you see in Jupiter Grades are a combined score for both the Record Sheet and the Practice Sheet, scores for Exit Tickets illustrating student understanding for key concepts in an Activity, and students will take a Quiz or exam at the end of each Chapter.

Math - Our fraction review continued this week.  Next week some groups will begin work in their textbooks while others continue to review fractions.

Jupiter Grades - Opportunities to turn in assignments are provided by the middle school team on a daily basis. If a student has a  /  in the gradebook, it means that the work is missing. If there is marked absent (abs) in the gradebook, the student is to check in with an adult to discuss how to make up the assignment.  Math and science curriculum builds. Each assignment addresses key concepts required to understand successive assignments.  Missed work is to be made up as soon as possible.  During the warm up term, students are reminded often to check off work during class. Opportunities to turn in late work are offered daily before school, during break, lunch, and after school.

 Please do contact us regarding any concerns or special circumstances that may impact your student's school day. As you sit down with your student to go over their progress, help them craft questions on points of confusion and create positive plans for action. Empower them to come to us with these questions and plans as much as possible.  Thus they have the opportunity to exercise initiative, independence and self-advocacy. Our program is a safe place to practice these essential skills.

Volunteer Opportunities

Laundry Help - If your student is in my Block II science class, you have the fabulous opportunity to earn volunteer hours by laundering our classroom towels every other week.

THANK YOU for volunteering Megan H., Jen W., and Deanna and Eric K.!   You have already made a big difference in getting things rolling this year!

Cheers to the return of rain, tea, and boot weather!

Carrie and India