Carrie's Weekly Update 9-16-15

posted Sep 17, 2015, 12:02 PM by Cynthia Friedman

Welcome 2015 Middle School Community!

We all were relieved to launch into our projected schedules and routines this week.  Even though this is a big adjustment for us all, your children are already settling into their new routine, and getting rolling on academics.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 23rd                Picture Day

Tuesday September 29th                       Laughing Planet Fundraiser

Wednesday September 30th, 6 -7 pm   Middle School Class Meeting

Picture Day – Ridgeline’s annual picture day with Lifetouch is next Wednesday, September 23rd. Picture Package order forms were sent home last Friday. If you wish to order photos please do one of the following –

· Send your completed order form and payment with your student on picture day. Order forms will be handed in to teachers, not the office.

· You may also order pictures online at Ridgeline’s picture day ID is: LO535174Y0. If you order online prior to picture day, print out your order and send it to school with your student.

· You may also order pictures online up to two days after picture day.

· If your student is absent for picture day, or you do not like the photos, re-takes will be available on Wednesday, October 28th.

Volunteer Opportunities - Email Jon or me to set up arrangements.

THANK YOU! A big thank you to all the individuals and families that took time out of your summer to help with Middle School classroom setup.

Laundry - Help .  If your student is in my afternoon science class, earn volunteer hours by laundering our classroom towels once a week. Commit for a month, or the whole year.

Practical World - Attention parents with interests and talents to share! You are needed Friday mornings from 10:20 - 12:20 AM to share your practical life skills.  

·      Micro-Economy

·      Home-Economy

·      Gardening


How do you ask a question that gets the answer you are looking for? So much of learning is driven by questions. Whether we are seeking our answer through our own experimental investigation, or trying to find answers to information on the internet, asking the right question is key.  Our work in personal world and in science will be driven by questions this year.  Practice, practice, practice.  Above all, our work here in the middle school is to build thinking skills.  The academics are the facts we are using to support this larger goal.

The focus of personal world is on metacognition (thinking about thinking). In personal world we will be researching Maslow’s hierarchy of basic needs, and applying his ideas to ourselves and our community.

We began our week in science asking the question, “How can you save Sam?” Ask your student how their group accomplished that feat.  That should give the dinner table conversation about school a kick start.

Our work in science this week will focus on answering in the question, “How can you tell if the conclusion from an experiment is valid?”  Ask your student, “When you measure something, can you obtain an exact value?”

Forward Ever,