Carrie's Weekly Update 5-5-16

posted May 5, 2016, 9:09 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Tuesday, May 10

Read-A-Thon Pledges Due in the Front Office

Thursday, May 12th

Small Group to go to GSA Summit

Friday, May 13th

Canopy Connections Permission Slips Due (7th Graders)

Thursday, May 19    

ALL DAY Field Trips:

Canopy Connections - 7th Graders

Tree to Tree - 8th Graders

Thursday, June 9


8th Grade Graduation


Monday, June 13  to

Thursday,  June 16   

Middle School Adventure Trip--Florence

Saturday, June 25

Ridgeline will be the Non-Profit of the Night at the Eugene Emeralds  – A flier will be sent home on May 6 advertising this evening including a ticket order form. Tickets may be purchased through Ridgeline between May 6 – 26.   The kindergartners and T.R.U.E. will be performing!



Personal World Each collage is evolving into a unique composition.  Students are playing with intention and composition, some with space, some with an amazing amount of detail.  


Science Even though we haven’t blown anything up, and don’t intend to, students nevertheless are enjoying their chemistry experiments.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to react to the necessary goggles, aprons, and gloves, but they are all in!  Hands on, engaged learning.  I’m all in as well.  

Dinner table Conversation starters:

·        Is mass conserved in an open system? How about in a closed system?

·        Can mass and/or volume change in a closed system?

·        What is a closed system?

·        What is an open system?

Have them describe the experiments we ran this week involving flexible tubing, rubbing alcohol, water, and vinegar or sugar water.



·        Please remind your students to get their pledges in for the Read-A-Thon.  Pledge envelopes are due May 10th.

·        Please return the permission slips for the field trips scheduled for May19th .

·        Enjoy walk, bike, or ride to school month. So far, it’s lovely weather for it, but our Oregon kids don't seem to mind either way. Apparently, they like the rain just fine.


Thank You to the volunteer parent chaperones who have stepped up to make all our off-campus activities possible.  Our community immersion activities are possible because of you!