Carrie's Weekly Update 5-12-16

posted May 12, 2016, 11:14 AM by Cynthia Friedman


Friday, May 13th

Canopy Connections Permission Slips Due (7th Graders)

Thursday, May 19    

ALL DAY Field Trips:

Canopy Connections - 7th Graders

Tree to Tree - 8th Graders

Thursday, June 9


8th Grade Graduation


Monday, June 13  to

Thursday,  June 16   

Middle School Adventure Trip--Florence

Saturday, June 25

Ridgeline will be the Non-Profit of the Night at the Eugene Emeralds  – A flier will be sent home on May 6 advertising this evening including a ticket order form. Tickets may be purchased through Ridgeline between May 6 – 26.   The kindergartners and T.R.U.E. will be performing!



This week it is all about the process!  - In science and personal world both, we are paying attention to the process.  In science, we are creating experiments to test our hypotheses about simple machines, and in PW we are creating artist statements.  The greater our awareness of our own creative process, the more successful we will be in producing results and reaching our goals.  Mistakes will be made, decisions will be adapted,  choices will be thrown out and new directions taken. There is always more to learn. We are learning to welcome mistakes as an essential part of the process of work, creation, learning,...  In science, we are learning also how to show up in group work. How do we step up to be heard when we normally sit back, and to step back and listen when we normally barrel forward?  These too are good life skills, especially if there just happens (by chance) to be other people in your world. The process is the point.


Personal World  – Students are finishing up the last touches on their collages, and writing their artist statements in preparation for our Collage Expose.

Here are a few questions students answered to prepare them for writing their artist statement.

·        What inspired you?

·        Does your work express a personal or social issue? If so, what do you hope to communicate to your audience?

·        What did you learn in the process of creating this work of art (about art, yourself, the subject of the work, the creative process, visual communication (golden ratio, rule of thirds, leading the movement of the eye)?

·        Was your finished work exactly the same as you planned from the beginning? If not, described how it evolved/changed in the process.


Science We learned about simple machines this week

Dinner table Conversation starters:

·        What are six examples of simple machines?

·        What two simple machines are utilized in a pair of scissors?

·        What kind of simple machine is represented by a trail switchback?

·        Do simple machines conserve energy?

·        How do simple machines affect the amount of force necessary to move an object?

·        What do Prince Charming and Rapunzel have to do with levers?


Room 11 Math -  The next week or so will be devoted to Cumulative Review and state test preparation.  We will have a chance to do a run-through on the practice math section of the test. This will hopefully work out any jitters, and kinks in our system. We will begin state testing on May 31st.



·        Please return the permission slips for the field trips scheduled for May19th. If necessary, your student can request another copy from Maizzy.

·        Enjoy walk, bike, or ride to school month.


How Can YOU Help?  

In June, Ridgeline will be holding a crowdfunding campaign on  We need several more parents and staff who love Ridgeline to share their stories or thoughts.  Just 3 - 4 sentences.  That's it!  Here are a few ideas:

·        Why did you choose Ridgeline?

·        What makes Ridgeline unique?

·        What does Ridgeline mean to your family or for your child?

·        How does a mixed-age class benefit students?

·        Why is Montessori good for kids?

Tell us what Ridgeline means to you. THANKS!!!